Mile Light Flashlight

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What is Mile Light Flashlight?
It’s a sophisticated flashlight that enables you to view things clearly as far away as a mile, illuminate large spaces, zoom in on a specific spot and accomplish lots more.


Mile Light Flashlight Claims

No more fear of the dark – Mile Light Flashlight claims that it can not only illuminate your surroundings brilliantly but also facilitate you to experience what other flashlights cannot. For starters, it can brighten large spaces such as the entire front of a house like nothing else can and can zoom in to pinpoint light as per your requirement. It can also alert you with regards to oncoming traffic, offer the longest flashlight beam and also ready you effectively for self-defense situations, emergencies, camping, hunting, etc.

Incredibly versatile and dependable – Mile Light Flashlight claims it offers 100,000 hours lamp life and functions on five modes you can choose from, viz. high, medium, low, SOS and strobe. It employs the special telescoping technology, which allows light to reach biggest surface areas. In addition to that, Mile Light Flashlight can also come to your rescue in adverse situations reliably. Its makers further elaborate that it is made of durable material such as aircraft grade aluminium, has beveled edge for self-defense, is ultra-light and yet tough- in short, a complete package.


What do I get?
2 Mile Light Flashlights for $27.94 (Including Shipping) at the Official Mile Light website

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