Mighty Shield

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What is Mighty Shield and what’s so special about it?

Mighty Shield is a screen protector that can prevent devices like smart phones, iPads etc. from damage even if hit by a hammer or run over by a car..

The best screen protector you’ll find

Mighty Shield claims that it can shield any smart phone, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Galaxy Series and several other devices from the most lethal blows. It is the flawlessly clean screen protector which offers protection that normal screen protectors cannot. It states that its next generation technology is equipped to protect your valuable devices under any condition and keep them safe and working. The makers of Mighty Shield have declared confidently that even if a gadget fixed with Mighty Shield were to be hit with a hammer, thrown from heights or even run over by a car, there’d be not even a hint of a scratch or any harm on it.


The secret- 5H Layer Technology

The Mighty Shield uses the unique 5H Layer Technology that supposedly protects the screen of your device with not just one but a total of five coats. 5H stands for five layers of coating that create an indestructible and invisible barrier between your device and the force threatening it. It’s like five protective blankets arranged over each other that absorb hits and protect your gadget as many times.

Anti-rainbow technology offers clear, glare free view


The anti-rainbow technology incorporated in Mighty Shield promises you a crystal clear view even in direct sunlight.

Completely removable and mess-free

If you’re worried that like other protective shields, Mighty Shield may create messy, sticky deposit on your gadget, rest easy. The screen shield assures you that it can be removed easily without any stickiness left behind on surfaces. Its surface coating prevents appearance of finger prints and smudges.


Scores over ordinary bulky cases

Mighty Shield urges you to move over ordinary cases and flimsy protectors and switch over to it as the other screen protectors don’t provide this kind of protection and care to your devices.


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