Mighty Charger Review

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What is Mighty Charger?

There are times when you wish you could save money on simple things that you have to buy over and over again. Like disposable batteries for that matter and it can burn a hole in your pocket. Rechargeable batteries are not the most cost effective solution either because they cost you a fortune as well. But what if you were told you could make the most of your disposable batteries by recharging them over and over again? Yes, that’s now possible with the help of the revolutionary Mighty Charger.

How does Mighty Charger Work

Now you can stop wasting your money on disposable batteries and ensure that your get your money’s worth from them by bringing Mighty Charger home. It’s a powerful standard alkaline disposable battery re-generator that you just cannot do without. Mighty Charger means you can re-energize and re-use all your regular types of AA, AAA and 9V alkaline batteries. Importantly you can do that up to 70 times and you can do the math knowing how much money you have saved at the end of it.

You know that batteries can be renewed if you clean and reorganize the cells. Mighty Charger takes this idea to a whole new level thanks to the technology that is at the heart of it. Now you have a solution for the menace of disposable batteries that will not only save you money but will be good for the environment too. And Mighty Charger is very easy to use too; you can simply plug it into a wall outlet and pop the dead batteries into it. Every battery cell is then charged with the revolutionary technology and before you know it you will have a battery ready for use.

Mighty Charger lets you know when the job is done because the light will turn from red to green. Mighty Charger gives you many options because you can simultaneously charge different types of batteries that are of various sizes too. And it works on all brands of batteries, which makes it so versatile. It’s extremely safe for use and gives brilliant results every single time.



What do I get?
2 Mighty Charger Standard Alkaline Battery Regenerators with bonus C and D battery converters. Price $19.99 + $19.98. Official website MightyCharger.com | BuyMightyCharger.com

Mighty Charger Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Mighty Charger work with 220V?
A. No, the Mighty Charger works with 110V only.


Q. How long will it take to recharge 9 volt copper-top and will the Mighty Charger charge the full 9V?
A. The Mighty Charger takes several hours to charge. Keep in mind that the only legitimate use of an alkaline battery charger is to recharge the battery often and well before it gets down to less than two thirds of its capacity. Once you let the battery get below 50%, the benefits of recharging diminish quickly. If you try to re-charge when the battery has dropped to 80% or less of its capacity, it will not take a charge that lasts very long. Alkaline battery chargers cannot effectively bring a dead cell back to life. If you recharge frequently, your batteries will not usually leak. But if you try to recharge cells that are way down in capacity, they will likely leak. Never leave an alkaline cell you recharge in a device where it will remain unused for more than a couple weeks. But using the Mighty Charger this way, can keep a 9v alkaline cell going for weeks that would otherwise have lasted only several days.


Q. Can the Mighty Charger charge double AA batteries?
A. Yes, the Mighty Charger can charge AA’s and AAA’s.


Q. Will the Mighty Charger recharge standard alkaline batteries such as Energizer, Duracell, and Rayovac batteries?
A. Yes, the Mighty Charger will recharge standard alkaline batteries.


Q. Is the Mighty Charger able to recharge or regenerate non-rechargeable batteries?
A. Yes, the Mighty Charger is able to regenerate non-rechargeable batteries.


Q. Is the Mighty Charger safe and does it work on Energizer lithium batteries?
A. No, do not charge Energizer Ultimate Lithium or E2 Lithium batteries. You can use the Mighty Charger with both Alkaline and NiMH batteries. There is a warning on the back of the package stating: “DO NOT CHARGE LITHIUM BATTERIES.”


Q. When I put in four rechargeable batteries to the Mighty Charger and plug it in, the lights flash green. Will they stop flashing when the batteries are fully charged?
A. Yes they will, if they are good rechargeable batteries. When fully charged it will become a solid green. Remove solid lit batteries right away. For alkaline batteries, if the battery is fully dead, don’t bother trying to recharge them. It can’t bring them back to life. If you have a battery tester handy you can check alkaline batteries before charging them, if some life left it will give them charge.


Q. What battery sizes will the Mighty Charger charge?
A. AA, AAA, and 9 volt


Q. How do you tell the status when charging a 9v alkaline Battery?
A. If when you first attach the battery to the Mighty Charger, it does not light up, it is dead and cannot be recharged. If it lights up and goes off and on, it is recharging. When it is charged, there is a steady light.

Mighty Charger REVIEWS

The Mighty Charger is a gimmick. The Mighty Charger is a waste of money. If anyone tells you that you can recharge alkaline batteries with the Mighty Charger, take it with a grain of salt. The science (if out there) is way too complicated to fit into a cheap, light, plastic charger. If you try to charge a dead battery, the Mighty Charger will more than likely reject it. If the Mighty Charger does charge, the battery only supplies enough charge for just 10 minutes of use. If you read the manual of the Mighty Charger, it says to charge when the batteries are not fully dead. Here is how they trick you. If you do what the manual says, you have no way of telling how much run time is left on the battery. So when you charge it up and continue to run it, you are thinking the Mighty Charger gave you all the charge, when in fact you had it all along. This is how they deceive you into thinking the Mighty Charger works.


The Mighty Charger does recharge most alkaline batteries. However, a few of the prongs have completely failed, such that 2-3 of the AA battery terminals are completely unusable. Maybe, eventually, all will fail. If you’re willing to check for leaks during charging, perhaps you’ll have better luck.


The Mighty Charger does not charge the Blue Planet batteries. They got super hot. You will be able to re-charge regular batteries with the Mighty Charger. Over time, however, you will realize that the batteries you re-charged with the Mighty Charger were hit-or-miss. Some of them had enough juice to be used for a little while, though never as much as a fresh battery, but some of them only lasted a couple of days which is a real nuisance. Also, the re-charged batteries seem prone to leaking much quicker than fresh batteries. The consensus reached is that the re-charged batteries are too weak and unstable to be worth using.


The Mighty Charger works fine on many different kinds and sizes of batteries. Hard to read positive/negative icons, and the AAs and AAAs feel like they are going to break it when you put them in, but they haven’t. Mighty Charger is well worth the purchase price. The Mighty Charger seemed to work fine with rechargeable batteries but unfortunately, a number of the regular alkaline batteries that were recharged with it subsequently leaked. The Mighty Charger is recommended only for rechargeable batteries.


The Mighty Charger didn’t work well even after trying it with ten batteries. One of them leaked chemicals. The problem with the Mighty Charger is that none of the batteries were fully charged. The charging light was flashing green after 12 hours charging. Several batteries were measured 1.42V after charging, which is not bad but they lose charge quickly after a day even though they were not used, just sitting on the table. The Mighty Charger doesn’t charge any regular batteries. During charging the Mighty Charger makes some cracking noise. You wouldn’t want to leave it charging without seeing it.


The Mighty Charger works sometimes. The Mighty Charger costs $20 at a local store but is cheaper on Amazon. It charges rechargeable batteries just fine, but most people buying the Mighty Charger already have a charger that is capable of recharging rechargeable batteries. The selling point is that the Mighty Charger is capable of charging disposable batteries. The Mighty Charger package claims, 40 recharges of disposable batteries. About 25% of disposable batteries that were put in the Mighty Charger did nothing at all. You may not get a green light or a red light or anything.


The idea of the Mighty Charger is great. It’s just not possible to recharge every battery with the Mighty Charger and unfortunately it doesn’t perform as well as you think it will.


Mighty Charger Pros : The Mighty Charger works! Used the Mighty Charger with quite a few AAA and AA batteries in the office and once they get too weak to do the job they were thrown in a box for recycling. Brought one new Mighty Charger and started recharging batteries from the recycling box. Put one of the recharged batteries in a pager and the battery indicator shows full charge! Time will tell how long they last after being recharged.


Mighty Charger Cons : Can be tricky getting the batteries seated properly in the slots, especially AAA cells. The Mighty Charger can’t recharge batteries that are completely dead. If the LED doesn’t light up when the charger is plugged in you can’t tell if it’s because the battery is bad or if it just isn’t seated properly. Try reseating several times before writing off battery.


There was a pop sound from the Mighty Charger and a bubbling liquid in one of the batteries. After unplugging the charger and carefully removing the batteries one of the bottom prongs was stuck down. Tried to gently pry it back in to position and it popped off entirely. Odd thing is that the piece that fell out wasn’t in the same slot as the battery that burst.


The Mighty Charger would have got five stars, only if:

1) The Mighty Charger had a built-in battery tester to show you if the alkaline battery you were attempting to charge had any juice left, reducing the risk of explosion or leakage of toxic gas
2) The Mighty Charger was better constructed and came from a brand name battery maker. Mystery electronics often make me uncomfortable, as does this, even though it does work as advertised. Not sure if the Mighty Charger has undergone as rigorous testing as a device from a known brand.

However, the Mighty Charger does do what it says, and it will recharge spent non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, which is great for the environment, even if you only recharge one more time.

So, keep track of your charge cycles, and when the capacity starts to dive, dispose off the batteries.


Cheap batteries don’t respond as well as premium batteries to recharging, so don’t start with cheap batteries expecting them to perform like premium batteries by recharging them.


On the plus side, the Mighty Charger will independently charge 3-4 batteries at a time depending on whether you’re charging a 9V battery or not. It also appears that you can charge different types of batteries at the same time: NiMh, Alkaline, AA, AAA, etc. However, it appears that the Mighty Charger cannot recharge a completely dead alkaline (non rechargeable battery). Perhaps, it can extend the life of a non rechargeable battery if you charge it before it’s completely dead.

16 thoughts on “Mighty Charger Review

  1. I have heard people comment about battery exploding in the mighty charger.I have one and it is wonderful,it works great with nicad,ni mh,and ALKALINE if you notice i cap.alkaline because zinc batterys are different from alkaline they could explode.dont try to recharge batterys that say’s super heavy duty only alkaline.

  2. Item works to my satisfaction. The beauty is the integrated circuit knows how to “trickle” charge the alkalines. It is true you cannot charge the batteries to their new condition but it does charge them satifactory. Nuff said…

  3. I have been using AA and AAA nickel-metal-hydroxy batteries for years, but rechargeable 9-volt batteries are more difficult to find and are expensive, so I am forced to buy alkaline ones. I purchased a Mighty Charger battery charger at a CVS Store a few days ago for $21.99. It does take 10 to 12 hours to recharge both rechargeable and alkaline AA and AAA batteries, probably because it charges at a lower voltage than many other battery chargers in order to not cause leakage or explosions of alkaline batteries. 9-volt alkaline batteries charge in the Mighty Charger in less than an hour. On the other hand, my Duracell battery charger charges AA and AAA batteries in less than 2 hours but only works for nickel-metal-hydroxide batteries and does not charge 9-volt batteries. Now I can start collecting the alkaline batteries that other people throw away after they lose their charge, and try to recharge them. That will lower the cost of batteries for me to just a few pennies each to recharge, so the charger will pay for itself quickly. On the downside, the metal springs in the Mighty Charger that hold batteries in place while they charge could have been designed a little better, because a couple of AAA batteries popped out of the charger after I put them in and plugged the charger in, and I had to repeatedly try to put them back in from different angles before they finally stayed in place and started charging. Also, it would be a nice feature if the electrical prongs that fit into wall sockets on the Mighty Charger were designed to fold away as travel chargers for cell phones and some other battery chargers do, in order to make it easier to pack for travel. I do like the housing of the Mighty Charger, which is made of durable plastic that should stand up to years of use. But again, I would like to encourage the designer and manufacturer to work on the tolerances for the metal springs that hold AAA batteries in place. Overall, I would recommend the Mighty Charger to others.

  4. yes…it does work. I work in an entertainment showroom and I use it every night on an actors mic. It starts out with 3 bars showing on the indicator but quickly goes down to two bars after about 15 mins. It stays with 2 bars for about 70 mins. The actor turns his wireless transmitter off after the show and I turn it back on when i get in around 2pm. It’s usually on 1 bar by then. I pop it in the charger to charge up until 7pm and it’s back up to 3 bars. Very cool and saves the producer money. I would always have a brand new alcaline battery ready to go just in case. Not all batteries are created equal.
    Good Luck!

  5. This piece of equipment is a scam as alkaline batteries cannot be recharged with something that simple. Rechargeable batteries are different and the batteries are going to explode dumb shits.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. I have been recharging non rechargeable batteries for years with standard battery chargers and none have exploded. I recall one started leaking and I just threw it away, but the rest recharged fine. If they don’t except a charge then just throw them away, since they are most likely shorted.

    • Have you tried it? We have and it works great. They do not leak or explode. We are saving a lot of money from having this charger. We have one in the house and one in the semi truck. I’m going to buy more to give as gifts this year.

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