Micro Boom Speaker

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Who doesn’t love to listen to music on the go when they are driving to work or tailgating with friends? Who doesn’t want to set the perfect ambience for a party with your friends by playing the music of your choice loud and clear? And who needs those heavy duty Speaker to have that high quality sound today when you can have Micro Boom Speaker do the job for you? It’s a revolutionary new Bluetooth speaker that has the big sound you have been looking for. What’s more, it offers you a hands free calling option that makes your life a lot easier.


Micro Boom Speaker
Next time you can start a party where you are thanks to these portable Speaker, which will be the perfect medium for big sound that you like. The secret is the Hi-Fidelity sound, which can rock any party. You will also be pleased to note that the Bluetooth speaker works from a distance of up to 30 feet, which makes things a lot more convenient for you. And when you are driving and want to get in touch with your loved ones, you have the hands free calling option. Crystal clear voice transmission means you will get the prefect quality calls as you would like.

This speaker is packed with many sensational features that make it great for use. To begin with, it is known for its solid aluminium construction, which is why it is so durable. In fact it is so strong that it is virtually indestructible. Built in noise isolation microphone is another classy and exciting feature that makes this speaker a cut above the rest. It’s also quite handy that there’s only one time Bluetooth pairing required to get started and keep the party going.

While state of the art technology is used in the making of the product, you will find that it’s quite high on style and glamour quotient as well. Micro Boom Speaker are available in three cool colours, which tick the right boxes for you. And it also works with all types of Smartphones, laptops etc making it a versatile product for you.



What do I get?
Micro Boom Speaker are available in 3 colors – Classic Black, Coral Pink and Aqua Blue. Price – $29.99 + Free Shipping. Official website BuyMicro Boom.com



Micro Boom Speaker Video


3 thoughts on “Micro Boom Speaker

  1. Do not buy. The piece comes out with the power cord when you unplug it. Than your speakers done. Can’t return to Factory Direct because they call it physical damage even though you can clearly see the piece was never attached to the board inside.

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