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Are you often in a mad rush to be at work and forget to close the garage door? Or need to drive back after a considerable distance to check if you closed it? It’s so risky to forget to close the door because for most people that’s also the entrance to home and an open door is invitation to trouble like thieves, vandals and even stray animals. You can lose precious things in your garage including expensive vehicles and tools. But you can lay your worries to rest with Magic Closer, the automatic garage door closing system that will remember to close the garage door for you even if you forget to.

How does Magic Closer Work

The intelligent sensor of Magic Closer’s transmitter, equipped with the same technology used in smart phones, sends a signal to the receiver and alerts it to close the door even if you accidentally left it open by just a few inches.

Magic Closer works with every garage closing system and comes with an on/off button and three different pre-set time intervals. Just set a 5 or 15 minute delay in the timer of Magic Closer and it will automatically close the door after that. Or, if you are working out of the garage, you can hit the delay button and keep the door open for a few hours after which it will shut automatically. You do not have to be surprised by the door closing in on you when you are not expecting it.

The audible and visible signal will alert you when the door is closing. Magic Closer will in no way hamper with your normal door closing operation and you can continue using the garage as you normally would. It also takes easy steps and no time to install the smart Magic Closer door closing system with no wires needed. You just need to attach the transmitter and receiver of Magic Closer with a screw driver on to the wall and forget about the worry of your garage being unlocked or open while you go to work, for a stroll or even your Saturday night out.



What do I get?

  • 1 Magic Closer

All this for $39.99 + P.&H. Official website



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7 thoughts on “Magic Closer Review

  1. 4 out of 5 Stars out of 260 purchases on Amazon. Most negative post are about battery life. But many also tried to use it to close their door daily which it’s not designed for. It’s designed to close it in case you forget. Which hopefully is only a few times per year in which case the batteries should last at least a year. I would replace once per year anyway, and test the unit every month or two. For those claiming it doesn’t work simply return it or exchange it. As with anything mechanical there will always be some with problems. Just look at the technology in computers nowadays, and they fail all the time, even when new. You just can’t make everyone happy.

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