Magic Card Review

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What is Magic Card

It is claimed to be the most amazing backup power supply with a capacity to provide up to for 12 hours of backup power for cell phones and smart devices. The highlight is its size which is equivalent to a credit card. It can also store and help transfer data between devices.

The Magic Card claims to be a power plant the size of a credit card with which you can charge your devices, transfer data wireless and do lots more with.


Unique Battery Backup:

Magic Card claims to be the best solution to constant problems of charge running out of your cell phone and smart devices. With the invention of smart phones it is seen that there are more and more apps and games that are launched each day. These battery draining apps leaves most people frustrated on a daily basis which is why keeping a spare battery backup sounds like a good plan. But regular backups fail to deliver a longer power and are so bulky that they may sometimes not even fit inside a purse. It is asserted that Magic Card is unlike any such device and can outperform them with features that are borrowed from the future.


Never Run Out of Charge:

Magic Card promises to come with lots of features that allow the users to be carefree while using their cell phones and smart devices without the worry of battery running out of charge. The primary feature of Magic Card as listed is allegedly its compact size which can be compared to a credit card for its dimensions. This portable feature definitely adds up to the fact that one can find a backup power that can run for up to 12 hours using it. This can really help in situations where good amount of battery is required to use GPS for navigating vehicles to desired destination.


Backup Important Files:

Magic Card is declared to be the best companion one can have not just because of its excellent battery backup feature but also the fact that it can also save data in its memory. It basically acts as a flash drive to copy files and back them up. Later these files can be connected to a computer to transfer the files between the computer and other devices. It also sports a Micro Card Reader for instantly reading them and connecting it to a computer. Magic Card guarantees that it can charge itself from various sources like a computer, electrical outlet or even from a car with signaling lights. It is stated that the cables designed for Magic Card are tangle free and sturdy to last long. Also all leading devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc. are supported by Magic Card. There is also a built-in flashlight that can be easily used during the night to find keys or anything dropped around.


Magical and consistent connectivity
Magic Card claims that it’s an innovative solution that ensures the devices you count on always are never out of power as it helps you charge them all anytime anywhere. It is a unique combination of a charger and data transfer cable that promises total support and also rescues in emergency situations when there’s no source of connectivity. With Magic Card you don’t have to worry when you find your phone low on battery as it also provides you an emergency battery backup that gives up to 12 hours of extra battery power. It is the perfect back up you can count on even in unexpected problematic situations such as your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere with no source of connectivity around. It also facilitates charging it up anywhere with the USB port for your computer, car or any other place.


Compatible with any device
Magic Card is engineered to work with virtually any gadget you use including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and tablets. It also doubles as a data transfer cable, which helps you conveniently remove and backup pictures in different files or from between different devices. It also has a powerful LED flashlight that you can use if it’s dark. Magic Card can also be used as a USB flash drive, a miniature external hard drive, flash drive and more.

What Do I Get?

  • 2 Magic Card power supplies, wall adapter, USB car adapter, 8 foot extension cable, and micro-USB to lightning adapter.

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