Luma Stylus Review

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Today it’s all about the Touch screen gadgets that are ruling the roost. They have made your life a lot simpler; both in personal and professional spheres and they are also stylish devices that you can’t do without. But the thing with these screens is that they can be difficult to manoeuvre around, especially if you don’t have the best tools to work with them. And that’s why you need Luma Stylus a brilliant new product available to you. It’s a ballpoint pen touch screen tool and flashlight all rolled into one to give you a helpful and handy device.


Luma Stylus
Some of the key benefits of using this stylus are the fact that you can type a lot better using it. What’s more if you are into sketching then you will find it a convenient tool for it as well. You can make the most of it for professional reasons and use it in your office or you can use it at home as well. Now you won’t be dealing with those annoying finger prints on your touch screen or smudges for that matter, which take away from its sheen and cool look.

Do you tend to edit a lot of documents on your touch screens on a regular basis? In that case you will find this lighted stylus to be a blessing because it will save you a lot of hassle and time. Writing notes is a lot easier using this stylus too and you will find that you can do your jobs more precisely as well. And if you like to play games on your touch screen device, then you will notice that the visibility is dramatically improved for your benefit.

This stylus with light works well with navigation devices, which is another highlight of this product. Do your long nails or fingers make it difficult for you to work with touch screens? In that case this stylus will work wonders for you. This easy to use device is also a Powerful LED Flashlight, which makes it a smart, stylish and thoughtful present for your friends and loved ones.



What do I get?
Get 2 Luma Stylus for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website



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3 thoughts on “Luma Stylus Review

  1. Luma Stylus is actually quite nice. It works on my iPhone 4s perfectly, the pen does the job, and the flashlight is actually brighter than I expected. The build quality is nice also, mostly made of a shiny (chrome-like?) metal. It has a nice weight to it. Not that it’s heavy, but I mean that it doesn’t feel “cheap” and hollow. I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

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