Light Headed Cap with Light Review

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It is hard for you to see in front of you when you are out in the dark. You could have your hands full just when you need a hand free. You have only two arms but you really need three. Get Light Headed, the new handsfree cap light and get that extra hand you need.


Light Headed Cap with Light
With Light Headed there will be no more fumbling in the dark when your hands are full. Light Headed helps you see in the dark.

Now you can see and keep your hands free while using just your head. Light Headed is designed to shine the light in your line of sight so wherever you are a bright light is visible. It features 5 powerful LED lights that are hidden inside the brim, which are more powerful than most other flashlights. With just one touch, you can turn on the super bright light.

With Light Headed, performing any task at night becomes easier. It is ideal for your evening walk, perfect when you are out for a run, and see and be seen while taking your dog for a walk. Light Headed is also great for grilling after dark. It works great while hiking and camping too.

Using it, you can now keep your kids safe when they return home from school. You can also use it when working on your car and you need your hands free then you can use Light Headed, fix a blown fuse or do fine needlework.

Light Headed is a comfortable cap that adjusts to fit any size head. It has a six panel construction that is soft yet sturdy. It is great to look at and feels good too. It is one cap that does what others do not.

The powerful LED lights are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Light Headed makes it easy to see and keeps your hands free. So call and get your Light Headed today.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 Light Headed Cap with Built-in Light for just $10.00 + $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website www.



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6 thoughts on “Light Headed Cap with Light Review

  1. This hat gets 5 stars from us and very disappointed that we can’t find it. My husband uses a hat light daily we live on a farm and he has tried several different ones. Some are too bulky, the bands stretch, the clips break and you end up having to carry a flashlight. When you are changing water, carrying a bale, or working with cattle, changing net wrap in a baler, and the list goes on this hat is truly a blessing. We ordered some to hand out with our business logo on it and our customers thought they were awesome. Wish I could buy more. Very disappointed. Finally a as seen on tv product that people like and is actually a good usable product and they disappear.

  2. I ordered Lighted Caps a couple of months ago with expedited handling. So far this has been a joke. A while back I tracked my order and received a promise that it would be shipped within 3 weeks. Tried to check on the order today and now the system does not recognize my phone number. I am not into being on the phone for forever making selections on an automated system. At this point I would not advise anyone to get involved with this fly by nite operation.

  3. I called to order one, but actually by the time you add $10.99 for the hat, $6.99 shipping and another $6.99 for the second hat,…the cost is $24.97 or rounded to $25.00 for two hats. It wasn’t a deal for me.

    You can hardly get through the phone call (automated) without spending an hour listening to them try to get you to accept other “special offers.” I was so frustrated with the call by the time I had been on for at least half an hour….I no longer wanted the hats.

    I called the number again to talk with a real voice and they told me that they could possibly put a Hold on the order (but it might not work) and that I would have to call back Monday to actually cancel the order. (Couldn’t talk to a Supervisor until I demanded that they interrupt the “meeting” to talk to one) The whole experience was not a good one and I was really concerned about my credit information being passed on or Identity Theft.

    I called my credit card company and put a hold on it so the transaction would not go through. I will not deal with the company again or the TeleBrands Corp.

    My advice is wait for it at WalMart.

  4. Has anyone tried the Light Headed Cap, is it any good?

    Is the light powerful enough?

    How is it powered?

    Is it durable?

    • Yes and my husband loves it we thought the battery pack would be awful but he says it is comfortable and he uses it on a daily basis.

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