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What is LifeLink

It is an ultra portable class of USB cables that promises to help you keep your devices charged without any mess and hassle.
LifeLink claims to become a smart alternative to those messy cables that become the bane of your existence. You want to charge your devices that you just can’t do without but the problem is the regular cables don’t make things easier for you. You could be travelling in the car or on a flight for that matter; charging your devices is not easy. LifeLink maintains that it can be a game changer making things convenient for you.

LifeLink lets you bid goodbye to bulky cables

You know that your devices will run out or charge during the day, but the thought of carrying those bulky cables puts you off. LifeLink cable ensures that you can take it with you in your wallet, purse or even with your key if you want. It claims to be two credit cards thin, which is why you will face no hassle whatsoever when you are carrying it with you. There are two types of LifeLink cables for versatility; it works with all Android, Apple Smartphones and tablets too.


LifeLink offers you complete freedom while charging

The highlight of LifeLink cable is its patent pending design, which helps you get over the problem of compact and rigid regular cables, according to its claims. LifeLink maintains that it can extend to 7 inches or about 18 cm when you open it. Thus you can charge your devices freely and without any hassle. It also stresses on the fact that it can rotate, twist, flex easily when you are charging your device. It offers you complete flexibility and you can be more productive while you are on the go.

LifeLink is built to last

While the design of LifeLink makes things more convenient for you, its durability ensures that you get the most out of it. This cable is made out of tough Teflon, which makes it quite durable and long lasting for your needs. It has also been created using high quality materials, according to its claims. LifeLink has gold plating, which ensures that it has superior conducting powers. Thus it remains high on functionality while you have a device that is very stylish and simple for you to carry with you wherever you go.

LifeLink to do the right thing

USB ports in many ways are the centre of the universe. With LifeLink you can be on top of things by charging your devices on your friend’s laptop, in a car or when you are on a flight for that matter. LifeLink also claims that you will feel good about yourself when you have it knowing that you can share it with friends, family members or even strangers when they desperately need to charge their devices. LifeLink also works with YouPlusUS to make a contribution to a project of your choice; from water to shelter and education for children.

What do I get?

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