Kurio Xtreme 2 Review

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What it Kurio Xtreme 2:

It is a fast and efficient tablet for kids, which claims to be informative, engaging, fun and also safe for their use.
Kurio Xtreme 2 assures you peace of mind while your kids learn and grow with all the information they can get their hands on with the tablet. Technology has opened several exciting new avenues for all users, especially kids, who can get the best learning experience at their fingertips. There are many who rely on their tablets to gather information, complete their school projects, play games and of course connect with their friends. But as a parent you are always concerned about their safety. You also want to be able to make the right decisions as far as the information they can access is concerned. This tablet, specially designed for kids’ use, has several features that promise to offer adequate controls while they have a lot of fun with it. We would like to go through enough Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews before validating this claim for you.

Fast and efficient tablet

When you are buying a tablet for your kids’ needs, you want to make sure it is high on quality and functionality. This tablet maintains that because of it has a quadcore processor, which allows kids to browse at faster speeds. Higher speeds can also be seen while video and music streaming, playing games, video and picture uploads etc, according to its claims. Do you think that is indeed true? We would like to know about it in your Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews. Some of the important specs of this tablet include a 7 inch capacitive touch screen, Android 5.0 Lollipop and USB connection for Micro USB 2.0 – OTG support. It thus offers kids a comprehensive experience. Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews should be able to tell us more about these specs.
The tablet that supports multiple languages has a 0.3 mpx front and 2.1 mpx rear camera. The 16 GB storage space memory can be boosted with the help of Micro SDHC Card Slot, which allows you to add up to 32 GB of extra memory. The 1024 x 600 pixels resolution of the screen is an added advantage. Unfortunately there aren’t enough Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews to corroborate these claims for you.

Internet Filtering System for your peace of mind

While you want your kids to get their hands on valuable information out there, you also want to make sure they browse safely at all times. Kurio Genius Internet Filtering System used here facilitates that by filtering, categorizing and updating more than 450 million websites. All you have to do is, pick from one of the pre defined filters or create your own. Is it really that simple to keep tabs on what your kids are browsing? Let us know in your Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews. You can block inappropriate content for kids by blocking sites and update the controls you set as the kids grow up. Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews can throw more light on that.

Easy to manage apps and tablet use

The App Management system of this tablet allows you to choose the apps your kids can get their hands on. You can block the ones you don’t want them to use, while the parent approved apps will be seen on the tablet. We are curious about this app management system and look forward to your Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews. Setting time controls for the use of the app every day of the week is also simple and can be done with a few clicks. Time controls, daily play and learning time, maximum session use are some of the settings that can be chosen by parents to ensure that they stay on top of things. What did you make of these settings? We appreciate to find out all about them in your Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews.

Eight profiles to work with

This tablet might have been designed for the use by kids but it has features that make it a truly exciting solution for them. For example, they have the option of setting eight different profiles on it. That is almost like having eight tablets in one. But what are the real advantages of having these profiles for children? Are they simple to create and switch between? Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews will have to be analyzed closely to get answers to these questions.
As a parent you have the option of managing these profiles and setting time limits for each one of them as well. It emphasizes on the fact that each of these profiles offers different files, apps, downloads, web filtering, parental controls and other features. Thus it can be used wisely for more than one child in the family. We will go through Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews closely before we confirm these claims for you.

Packed with special games and apps

One of the highlights of this tablet is that it is first of its kinds to have body motion gaming. Now your kids don’t have to rely on the regular games they find with their tablets and be up and moving. There is an exclusive dance game that two kids can make the most out of at a time. Do you think this is a fun and one of a kind of option with tablets for kids? Why don’t you send us your thoughts about it in your Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews?
Besides that there are 60 preloaded apps for entertainment, games, eBooks, educational content, video on demand etc that kids can look forward to. Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers, Jetpack Joyride are the different games it has along with 150 E-Books. Kurio Xtreme 2 reviews should offer us insight into them. The tablet is also loaded with Google Play that allows you to download millions of other apps. KIDOZ Store has kid friendly content and kid safe social networking sites, email with a 6 month free offer to make things further exciting. Kurio Xtreme 2 can reveal more about these options the tablet offers.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Kurio Xtreme 2 for $109.99
  • Official website: kurioworld.com
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