Kurio Touch 4S

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Today it’s all about handheld devices that have become our lifelines. You need them on a regular basis to get your tasks done and they can be a source of entertainment for you as well. Then why should your kids be left behind? That’s said to be the thought behind Kurio Touch 4S, which is a pocket sized device meant especially for kids. Now they don’t have to pester you to use your devices to play games or get valuable information they can do with. Kurio Touch 4S claims to be the ultimate handheld device for your kids.

You know that your kids tend to learn a lot from the technology that is available out there today. They can use it for their school projects or overall learning for that matter. And of course these devices can be a source of great entertainment and recreation for them so that they will never be bored. Kurio Touch 4S promises to work well on all these counts so that you can keep your kids engaged and entertained at all times. Kurio Touch 4S is also supposed to be packed with numerous features that makes it a child’s play to use.

A device that can do it all
Kurio Touch 4S claims to be an all in one entertainment and information resource for your kids. To begin with they can play their favourite games on the device, which will run well because of the system in place. Kids can also use their Kurio Touch 4S to download music and listen to it whenever they want. They can use it when they are on their own to listen to music or when they are out with friends too. And they can get creative recording videos, which can be watched later too.

Kid safe web surfing is another important highlight of the Kurio Touch 4S according to its claims. It can also be used to stay in touch with friends, which is something kids look for today. You will also be happy to find that Kurio Touch 4S allows kids to read e-books. There’s abundance of knowledge for kids to be had through e-books that are out there today. Now you can be rest assured that your kids are spending their time on the device learning and getting valuable information. You also get earbuds with the device, which is an added advantage.

Kids can browse the Internet safely
You want your kids to be able to access the information out there on the Internet but you are also worried about their safety online. But that worry is taken care of by Kurio Touch 4S according to its claims. And that’s because it has a web filtering system, which has been designed to keep children safe online. Thus you know that they are surfing without a care in the world. Kurio Touch 4S allows you access to 450+ million websites that are filtered, categorized and updated on a daily basis.

Moreover it is also possible to manage safe lists and block lists so that inappropriate content can be kept away from children’s reach. Keeping your kids away from any kind of trouble online has never been easier according to its claims.

Parental controls are convenient and simple
Kurio Touch 4S lets you set four user profiles at the same time; thus you have 4 handhelds in this one device. These profiles can then be used cleverly and to your advantage, like the fact that you can set time limit for a particular user with a few clicks.

Kurio Touch 4S also lets parents choose age appropriate apps for their children. Thus there will be no fear of them accessing apps that you think might not be right for them. There are 30+ games and apps that can be made the most out of with the help of this device but none of them has to be one that you are not comfortable with.
Kurio Touch 4S is also boosted by features like 4 inch screen and multi touch interface, which makes it convenient for use by children. It’s got WiFi g/b/n connectivity, front and rear cameras for a complete experience. Android 4.2 system is powered by a dual core processor and 8GB memory space adds to the experience. Moreover there’s a Micro SD slot to work with.

Kurio Touch 4S also comes with a 1 year limited warranty, which is supposed to speak volumes about its quality and durability with use by kids.

Includes 30+ Prloaded Apps

Marvel Apps

  • Disney Princess Story Theater
  • Avengers Origins: Assemble
  • Disney Toy Story Theatre
  • Avengers Origins: Hulk

Educational Apps

  • Alpha Grab
  • Mon-stro-Math
  • Little Red Riding Hood


  • Angry Birds Space
  • Talking Friends: Talking Ginger
  • Lazors
  • The Drip Drops

Video Music Activities

  • Toon Goggles
  • Coloring Apps
  • iHeart Radio
  • Booksy
  • Fotodanz

What do I get?
Get the Kurio Touch 4S for just $99.98 + S/h. Official website KurioTouch.com

7 thoughts on “Kurio Touch 4S

  1. Does it store music, phone numbers, ect, or is it just an app and internet based product? If I like the answers, I’m getting one for my daughters.

  2. Sounds promising… but I have a few questions. Is there a monthly charge? (I’m assuming there is since it is online.) Do you have access to all phone apps in the Amazon and google app stores? Do you have to use iTunes or whatever for apps like you would for an ipod?

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