Kurio 7 Android Tablet Reviews and Complaints

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In this age of technology where everyone craves to own the latest and the smartest gadgets, go for Kurio 7, the ultimate Android tablet for families that’s sure to steal your heart. Kurio brings in a revolution in tablet technology and an experience you’ll never have enough of as it’s incredibly intelligent, versatile and sophisticated. It’s a gadget that offers you so many features and facilities that you’ll just never run out of options and applications.


Kurio 7 Android Tablet

Kurio is the affordable, durable android tablet that kids love and parents’ trust. It offers, among a host of other things, 25 full version games, apps and activities. You can set up to eight user profiles with complete parental controls in Kurio. Parents are naturally concerned about what children do on the internet so Kurio lets kids surf the web safely as parents can have complete parental controls over it. They can place full trust in Kurio as it assures total safety, accountability and lots of learning as well as fun moments. Parents can create a profile, select age appropriate apps for their children and choose the internet filters too. Kurio singlehandedly makes kids play, learn as well as discover a whole world of their own! Besides, even parents can use Kurio as a full-featured android tablet if needed.

Children can learn using Kurio just like grown-ups or professionals even as they have fun and enjoy things they like such as games, entertainment, learning the fun way and lots more. When it comes to gaming, Kurio comes with full versions of popular games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump and more. It’s also preloaded with dozens of E-books plus the award-winning works of famous authors and thinkers that give them a glimpse into a wholly new world of learning.

Kurio also features two built-in cameras that let kids take photos and videos to share with friends. With just one touch you have an exclusive access to hundreds of free games carefully selected and updated daily. Advanced web filtering, app management, and set time limits for play are other facilities Kurio offers you.



What do I get?
Kurio 7 really is the ideal gadget you can give your growing children so why not place your order for it now? Get the fully loaded Kurio 7 android tablet complete with accessory pack, protective bumper and easy to set parental controls and safe browser filters for just three payments for $49.99. With it, you also get a pre-loaded Kurio with five full version apps and twenty five games free! Official website Kurio7.com



Kurio 7 Android Tablet Video


10 thoughts on “Kurio 7 Android Tablet Reviews and Complaints

  1. Kurio tablets are a bad purchase. I bought one for my daughter last Christmas and have had to return it at my expense three times. Kurio techs will not allow you to speak or chat with a manager and are rude.

    • How did you reach them, they do not return emails. we are on our second Kids tablet that is not working in just a few month. Ideas?

  2. I bought a Kurio 3 weeks ago at Argos Ireland and my child is not happy with the volume on it. She become frustrated using it because of the volume but the Argos wont allow us to return or change it…

  3. I bought a kurio tablet after 4 months in Argos. It went blank so I returned it and got a new replacement, but the volume is too low. My child is not happy using it. She’s so frustrated with the volume and I have it for 3 weeks and I come back and complain in Argos but they said nothing is wrong about it.

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