Knotless “S” Shaped Cord-Clip REVIEW

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What is Knotless?

Knotless is a revolutionary S shaped cord clip that claims to prevent ear buds from tangling and becoming a knotted mess. It guarantees to be the solution for all your device cords!


Knotless CLAIMS

It alleges it’s simple and easy to use! Simply slide Knotless on your cord near your headphone jack, and then secure the ear buds into the second S grove to store. When you want to use it to listen, simply unslide your ear buds leaving Knotless in place near the jack. Knotless promises to stays on your headset cable, so it’s there when you need it! This claim of Knotless seems to be far-fetched and will only be confirmed after Knotless is reviewed.

Knotless promises to works with any cord or headphone type: thick, thin, ears buds, over the ear, charging cables and even microphone headphones. Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Knotless claims.

It asserts to be perfect for the gym or office, pocket, handbag, book bag, and for travel or on-the-go! But we will need Knotless reviews to validate this claim too.

Colors available
It is available in black & white to match most devices.

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