Keyno Review

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About Keyno

Keyno is a Bluetooth-powered padlock that claims to work without keys or combination thus do away with the need to have physical keys. Keyno states to require just a click on your smartphone to unlock it instantly. Keyno guarantees to be made of sturdy forged steel and accessible only by you so your home is assured to be secured and safe all the time.

How does it work

Keyno promises to work with just one click instead of you having to fumble for keys like in a regular padlock. You allegedly need to download the Keyno app on your smartphone. Then every time you want to unlock the door, you just need to click on your smartphone once to open it instantly. Keyno proclaims that it doesn’t need any special installation and you won’t have to call a locksmith for hassles like losing your keys or locking yourself out.

Keyless, combo-less padlock

We need locks everywhere – for the front door, back door, and even for bikes. So obviously we also need the keys and key combination. But it is so commonplace to forget keys or even the combination and that’s where the trouble begins. But the revolutionary padlock Keyno maintains to do away with these hassles. Keyno proclaims to be powered by Bluetooth hence you don’t need keys or combination to open your door. Keyno convinces that it saves your time looking for the right key from your bunch since it works on your smartphone with just a click. Keyno declares that you just need to download an app on your smartphone and open the padlock instantly with just a click. Keyno alleges that even if it is very dark at night you do not have to fumble for your keys in your bag or need light because your phone is actually the key.

Sturdy and safe

Keyno asserts that you can forget about the worry of losing your keys and changing your locks to prevent robbery. This is because Keyno does not require keys to open and is accessible only by you. Keyno assures that you do not have to bother about a break in since it is made of forged steel that has a heavy-duty construction to keep everything in your home secured. They revolutionary no key and no combination padlock Keyno guarantees that you can use it on any door you want – your front door, back door, or even the garage door.

Code on the top of your lock

The keyless lock maintains that if your smartphone is low on battery or if you forget it inside perchance, you wouldn’t be stuck outside. Keyno convinces that you can also set a program code and keep a pattern on the top of your lock so that you can unlock it even if you do not have your phone handy. Since the pattern is also known just to you, you are still assured of safety, which is still more than when you lose your physical key that can be misused.


What do I get?

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