Kakkoii Speakers

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There’s nothing like listening to your favourite music when you are lounging around the house or doing your chores for that matter. Everyone in the family seems to love to listen to music and you can set the perfect ambience with it as well. And Kakkoii Speakers claim that they can do it easily and wirelessly for you. Now you won’t have to struggle with cables and other paraphernalia for setting up music in the house. Kakkoii Speakers supposedly work wirelessly with all devices through Bluetooth and ensure that you can listen to music no matter where you are.

How does Kakkoii Speakers Work

Today it’s all about your smartphones and tablets that you also use to listen to music when you are at home or travelling. You rely on them to set the mood for a party or a camping trip. And Kakkoii Speakers can be your handy companions for such occasions because they are very portable. You can move them around the house or take them with you wherever you go. Kakkoii Speakers have a shatter proof silicone housing as well and that can keep them safe for you. Listening to music can be a pleasure with Kakkoii Speakers.

Have you been looking for speakers for your kids’ rooms or your office for that matter? Kakkoii Speakers claim to offer you a reasonable solution that will hit just the right notes for you. Kakkoii Speakers are available in different funky colours and are smart looking; thus they can be stylish additions to your surroundings or when you take them out with you. If you have a device with a Bluetooth connection you can never be away from the music of your choice played to the hilt because Kakkoii Speakers claim to stream it wirelessly for your listening pleasure.




What do I get?
All you get is Kakkoii comes with complete

  • KAKKoii Wireless Speaker
  • User Guide
  • USB Cable

Wireless speaker is available in 5 vivid and attractive colours: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and White.

Price: 3 Easy Payments of $19.99 CDN + Shipping and Handling + Taxes. Official website – KakkoiiSpeaker.ca



Kakkoii Speakers Video

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