Just Hit the Button Review

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Internet Security has become a wide spread issue now as instances of hacking and other such activities on the web are growing. It only takes a few seconds for your computer to get infected by a virus, but it can cost you dearly for a long time to come. You might end up losing all your important files, data, pictures, and emails, practically everything you have on your computer or your laptop. But there’s help in the form of Just Hit the Button, which is the best Internet security device available in the market today and when you understand how smartly it works, it’s not too difficult to understand why.


Just Hit the Button
Let’s face it, most of the Internet security violations happen when your computer is accessed remotely; when you are not in front of it. If you Just Hit the Button every time you leave your computer, you will ensure that your computer is safe and protected from hacking or viruses. And whenever you need to access it again, all you need to do is Just Hit the Button.

It’s that simple; safeguard your interests and boost your internet security system using Just Hit the Button. If you are working on sensitive information or want to stop unexpected downloads, using this product you know you have a safe solution that will keep you at peace. Don’t let an email without attachment that you forgot to add go; Just Hit the Button and stop such errors.

You can use it with your computer’s existing system without any downloads required. It doesn’t take up any power and there are no license fees either, which makes Just Hit the Button the perfect solution for your Internet security issues.

Just Hit the Button FAQs

Q. Can’t I just turn off or unplug my computer safely?
A. Yes, but it takes too long. The internet panic button instantly disconnects and reconnects
with the hit of a button.


Q. Does it work with Macs, PC’s, laptops and desktops?
A. Yes, when you plug in your internet connection.


Q. Will it work with my wireless connection?
A. Yes, when you plug the internet panic button in between your wireless router and modem.


Q. What kind of connections does it work with?
A. Any physically connected ethernet or network connection.


Q. Can this switch harm my computer?
A. No. The internet panic button is a mechanical device so it won’t harm.



What do I get?
You can get Just Hit the Button for an amazing price of $49.99 at www.JustHitTheButton.com



Just Hit the Button Video
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3 thoughts on “Just Hit the Button Review

  1. As I said before if it seems to good to be true.. it is! Any good or mediocre computer nerd spending his day just searching the net for an innocent consumer to challenge would have a fine time making your life a train wreck. And how about all those programers that put secret “back doors” into there products? just check out Grand Theft Auto sometime. Cyber sex anyone. What I’m trying to say is that if you want security, real security would you buy it from walmart, target, Telebrands? No! I would suggest going with a software firm that has a reputable reputation. Even Microsoft if you had to.

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