Jumps Speakers

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What is Jumps Speakers

A portable speaker system that provides amazing output and entertainment in the form of an ultimate fountain and light show right inside it.


Party Anywhere:

Jumps Speakers convinces to be the best choice if you’re looking for speakers that have amazing output and at the same time are portable. Standard speakers that provide high powered output are huge in size and cannot be carried everywhere, which is why people opt for portable speakers. But the downside of portable speakers is that they are quite useless since they tend to sound literally like soups cans and this is where Jumps Speakers allegedly differs and claims that they were designed with one sole purpose of delivering high octane entertainment anywhere without adding massive cost to the pocket of consumer. This is made possible with the use of high quality in-built amplifier that is comparable to a higher range of speakers available in the market. Along with this amplifier the kick-in bass fires up the speakers to give a crystal clear sound output that will rock any area it is placed upon without taking any large amount of space.


Entertainment Guaranteed:

Jumps Speakers promises to provide more than its high power sound; it claims to give an entertaining time to everyone. This is achieved with the addition of dazzling lights and a water fountain system inside it. The water and lights respond to the unique rhythm being played using Jumps Speakers anywhere and can add a touch of glamour to anywhere they are placed. 4 full colored LED lights are used in it that literally jumps with the tune and are said to be so powerful that they can literally light up the room and convert it instantly into a dance floor.


Connect Any Device:

Jumps Speakers declares that the USB powered portable speakers are of great value to people who listen to music on the computer, laptop or need to attach their mp3 players, iPod or other music players for listening to music. It also can be attached to various other devices including cellphones, tablets, musical instruments, etc. Jumps Speakers maintains its guarantee that each device will get a huge volume boost. One cool feature stated regarding Jumps Speakers is its connectivity to cellphones where they can be switched to speaker mode and the speakers will start responding to the voice of the users on the line.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Jumps speakers for $39.9 +$9.95 P&H.
  • Official website: jumpspeakers.com
  • 3 thoughts on “Jumps Speakers

    1. These are junk! Bought a set for my grandsons birthday, he opened them and all the liquid had leaked out. Returned to store and got another set and they also had no liquid in them. Do not buy. Bought a pair from soul sounds on line. Works great!

    2. Daughter got these from SANTA for CHRISTMAS. I took them out of the box and set them on the chestofdrawers. Did not drop or mishandle in anyway. Both speakers leaked on the chest of drawers. Have sent a message to the email address asking for a letter from Santa to make my daughter feel better.

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