JML Pixel Watch

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Watches are probably the most important and functional accessory you tend to wear on a regular basis. And there are many who believe that they make a huge impression on your behalf besides telling you the time of the day and being your constant companion every day. You can easily end up spending huge amounts on watches that look smart, sleek and stylish but now you won’t have to because you can make Pixel Watches your personal statement. They are cool, funky and also have that sophisticated touch you look for in the watch you wear.

How does JML Pixel Watch Work

You know it’s all about how you present yourself in personal and professional walks of your life. And the watch you wear can speak volumes about you. Then why not give out a cool, funky and with-in impression with Pixel Watches that are a class apart in many ways. To begin with Pixel Watches are a riot of colour and they will add a dash of glamour to your everyday look and personality. There are several bold and funky colours you can choose from in this range and make sure you have that extra dollop of cool element on your wrist every day.

Pixel Watches are quite reasonably priced, which means you don’t necessarily have to stop at one and there are those who end up buying a few from the range to co-ordinate with different looks they have in mind. And you can also be rest assured that you will get only the best quality. You might want to brighten your outfit or accessorize a particular look for that matter; these watches will be your perfect companions. Pixel Watches are also packed with outstanding features, which make them so wearable, usable and functional.

Pixel Watches have a high quality quartz movement, which is one of their major highlights. Moreover they have a silicone wristband, which is quite durable as you’d like it to be. You will also be pleased to find that Pixel Watches are water durable to about 30 meters and they have battery included for your convenience too.

Available in: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and Red.



What do I get?
Get the JML Pixel Watch in your choice of color for just £14.99 + S/h. Official website



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