Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone Review

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In a day and age when options in cell phones are limitless seniors find it difficult to operate these high tech phones for reasons like small buttons that are difficult to dial, small text and number display that is difficult to read, and complicated menu function. But with Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone, seniors can use their cell phones without any hassle whatsoever. The smartest phone has large backlit buttons, bright display and large fonts of text and numbers that makes dialling numbers and reading messages easy. The phone also has better speakers that will make the other person’s voice more audible.


Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone
The easy menu function on Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone has simple Yes and No options that makes browsing through the phone very easy. All that is required to do is scrolling up or down the main menu and just selecting Yes or No for a function. You can make a call by just keying in the cell phone number and selecting Yes or going through the Phonebook with the easy scrolling and selecting Yes or No option. Many seniors also do not use the cameras on their phone because they are difficult to operate. But in Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone, all you need to do is scroll to the camera in the Menu, focus on the subject and just press Yes. You can then do a lot more like easily sharing or uploading the photo on a social site by going to the My Photos folder, selecting the photo and pressing Yes to upload on the site of your choice – no need for network cables or uploading procedures.

Other than these simple features you can also install different Health and Medical apps to aid you during emergencies. These apps can be easily set up and used. Accessing your account on the website is also easy –make payments, keep a track of your minutes and do more here. Or make use of the customer service by dialling 0 and Yes and have the operator add a contact to your list, connect your call and even set reminders.



What do I get?
Get the Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone for just $99.00 + Shipping. Official website GreatCall.com



Jitterbug Plus Senior Cell Phone Video


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