JetStream Bladeless Fan Review

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About JetStream Bladeless Fan

Comfort of your loved ones is of great importance to you and you just cannot compromise on it. It’s particularly true of those warm summer months when heat takes its toll. However air conditioning bills can be prohibitive and regular fans just don’t do the job of cooling the air around you effectively. But JetStream, built around the bladeless fan technology does the job brilliantly and what’s more, it helps you save money on your electricity bills as well. That’s why; it’s a must have for your homes for the comfort of your family members in the hot summer months.


Jetstream Bladeless Fan REVIEW

Christine Edge who used the Jetstream Bladeless Fan complains in her review that the bladeless fan does not move much air and is very noisy on high speed.

Jean Warren is not happy with her pricey purchase. She complains in her review that JetStream Bladeless Fan is a noisy fan with a weak airflow and distracting bright light. It is an overpriced useless item that is outperformed by a traditional fan for one fifth of the price of this cheap bladeless fan. Also has a blue light that shines brightly at night. There is a humming noise that comes from the rear airflow suction and is very noticeable.

Betsy Harp complains in her review that after a couple of days of using it, the Jetstream Bladeless Fan may start to turn itself on even when it is was not being used. It will also start to shut off when it is not in use. After less than 6 months, it may also stop working.

Shirley Dixon was disillusioned with the purchase of Jetstream Bladeless Fan. She complains in her JetStream Bladeless Fan review that it does not have the blades to catch dust and should have been quieter. It does not provide any comfort and is not very powerful. For the price, the fan should have more. It works well but needs to be made with a remote control.

JetStream Bladeless Fan Claims

When you use this amazingly powerful fan with air conditioning, you will be able to cut down your electricity bills by about 20%. Now that’s decent savings for you every month. Moreover since it’s a bladeless fan, smooth air flow will be maintained in your surroundings uninterrupted and without any buffeting. That’s a huge advantage of using this bladeless fan, which can be used in three different modes for your convenience.

The 90 degree swing means air will be uniformly distributed around the house efficiently while you can also use this versatile fan on the walls to get better results. You also have the option of Custom Control, which lets you adjust the air flow in your surroundings to suit your personal tastes. Options are endless when you use this fan at home and your comfort and that of your loved ones will be well looked after.

Since JetStream doesn’t involve any fast spinning blades like other fans you get in the market, you know you can have it set on the table even when you have children or pets at home and not worry about their safety. You will also be able to clean the fan easily because it doesn’t have any safety grilles, which is why you don’t have to take it apart when cleaning. And the dimmer switch control lets you adjust air flow beyond regular three speeds you get otherwise.



What do I get?
You can get JetStream for $300 at


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4 thoughts on “JetStream Bladeless Fan Review

  1. The JetStream fan died after using it last summer and part of this one. Customer service told me that since it’s two months over the warranty period of one year we’re up the creek without a paddle. NOT GOOD!

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