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Today most of us just can’t do without our mobile phones, tablets etc, which have become more or less our lifelines. But life comes to a standstill because these devices run out of battery during the day. IonBooster promises to increase the battery lifespan of portable devices by 200%.

How does IonBooster Work

Thus with the help of IonBooster, you can expect to have more talk time and longer stand by time. There won’t be the worry of feeling stranded when you are out and about during the day and want to connect with work or your loved ones.

IonBooster not only claims to optimize your battery time but it is also supposed to accelerate the charging time for your portable devices. And it’s quite versatile as well because it can be used with mobile phones, tablets, games consoles, cameras and a whole lot more. IonBooster is supposed to be quite simple to use as well and it can be placed directly over the battery or at the back of the device. You will not have to worry about any special installation either because IonBooster can be added or removed easily in no time.

IonBooster is also packed with several features to make things convenient. It is ultra thin to begin with and larger devices can make the most of it too; only more than one strip is needed. IonBooster can also be trimmed to the size that is perfect for the battery size of any device. It claims to have benefits for worn batteries that can be regenerated and you can recover up to 96% of the original battery capacity. It also promises to increase battery stand by time by 49%, battery talk time by 47% and charging speed by 30%. IonBooster is eco-friendly and can save you money on buying new batteries.




What do I get?

  • 2 IonBooster

All this for $12.95 plus $ 13.98 shipping and handling. Official website



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