iKleenit Review

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Today we just cannot do without our electronic devices. Some years ago it was only the TV set that we relied on and cared for, but now you’ve got your mobile phone, computer, laptop, iPad etc. These devices have become the lifeline of our modern day existence. But have you ever given a thought to the bacteria that you might find on the screens of these devices and what it might do to your body? You do your best to keep your home germ free but what about these devices, which are practically next to you at any given time of the day? iKleenit is a simple and surefire way of cleaning these devices without doing them any harm as it’s alcohol and ammonia free.


How does iKleenit work?
Even if the thought about hygiene regarding the electronic devices might have crossed your mind you are unsure of using cleaning products on them because you are worried that they might damage the delicate screens.

However iKleenit doesn’t have any ammonia or alcohol in it; hence it will not affect the polymer or plastic screens that these devices often have. iKleenit works for each and every electronic device equally well and is known to get rid of 99.9% bacteria present on their screens.

Once you have used iKleenit you will be surprised to see the effects and wish you had found it earlier. Another advantage of using iKleenit is that since it doesn’t contain ammonia or alcohol it doesn’t do any harm to the environment, which makes it just perfect for you.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can buy iKleenit for $14.95 plus shipping and processing price of $6.95 at www.ikleenit.com. Your kit will have a 30 ml spray bottle of iKleenit and 6″x6″ micro-fiber nano silver infused cloth. You will also get a travel kit with a travel-size spray bottle (5 ml) of iKleenit and a 4″ x 4″ non silver-infused chamois.




Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


iKleenit Video


4 thoughts on “iKleenit Review

  1. I’d love to review iKleenIt, however it has been 3 weeks since I ordered it and have not yet received it. I have called them twice and emailed twice with no response as to order status. Much more of this and I’ll consider myself “Kleened”.

    • They stiffed me also…send me half of my order (I paid for all of it) and I have been waiting since August for the replacement order…as promised several times. Now I just get no response to my emails…

  2. I have used iKleen It for a couple of months it works very well it does not damage the device or screen protectors. It also is safe to use even around kids and is very effective at killing germs. I have used even when my tv is on like they advertised in the commercial still leaves no streaks and keeps it clean for a long time after as well. I use iKleen It whenever I use my tv to get the best picture and color out it. you can even use it to clean other things such as your eyeglasses, sunglasses, counter-tops, stainless…etc. I am very happy with the product and think it was well worth the 15 bucks I plan on getting some more when I run out

  3. Review iKleenit

    Has anyone tried the iKleenIt, is it any good?

    Does it work with all types of electronic devices?

    Does it damage your device?

    Is it FDA approved?

    How often should I use it on my phone?

    What are the ingredients of the iKleenit?

    Can I use it on hot surfaces?

    Were you happy with the performance of iKleenit?

    Does iKleenit work as an effective disinfectant?

    Is iKleenit safe to use?

    Is iKleenit convenient for use?

    What do you think of the price of iKleenit?

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