HomeSmart Black Out Security Stamp Review

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Millions of people are victims of identity theft every year! Their personal information gets stolen from their bank statements, credit card statements and bills. Such kind of identity theft can ruin your credits, cost you thousands of dollars and take years to fix. You need to hide that information from the identity thief before he even gets started!


How does HomeSmart Black Out work?
You need to get the invaluable help of HomeSmart Black Out! The amazing HomeSmart Black Out is the easy way to hide your personal information so that no one can see it and steal it! HomeSmart Black Out Stamp is a self inking security stamp that hides your address, social security number, account numbers and blocks your information on credit card statements, bank statements, bills, magazines and catalogs.

It is a non-washable, proprietary ink that hides information with a unique jumbled stamp pattern that can never be read. You can keep one at home, in the office and in your purse. Using the HomeSmart Black Out is easier and quicker method than shredding, scribbling over account information or tearing bank statements into tiny pieces. 

It is the best option because it gives you a quick block, in fraction of the time and cost required to do the same job by other methods. The information is so effectively blocked that you can’t read it from either the back side of the paper or front side!

You will also receive the Black Out Security Pen that writes with a specially formulated permanent ink so that the names and amounts written on checks can’t be changed.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 1 Black Out Security Stamp
  • 1 Security Pen
  • All this for just $10.00 and $15.90 s and p. Official



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


HomeSmart Black Out Video
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8 thoughts on “HomeSmart Black Out Security Stamp Review

  1. HomeSmart Blackout covers most small addresses okay. Larger addresses are a problem, requiring moving it and re-stamping. Once it didn’t seem to have any ink, but the next time it worked. It gives a website to buy ink pad refills, but no refills are on that site, just the whole product.

    Non-washable? I took a wet paper towel to wipe one address I’d done. A little ink came off, but not enough to let me read anything.

    Read through it? For the small area it covers, usually not.

    Alternative to shredding? Not unless you just want to cover very small areas of info.

    Is HomeSmart Blackout Convenient? Maybe…but with no refills available, you’d eventually have to buy an ink stamp pad and each time, you’d have to push it down on the pad, then use on whatever you want to cover.

    I usually avoid anything made in China if I can possibly find a similar product made anywhere else in the entire world.

  2. Is it really non-washable

    Can you read through it

    Is it a good alternative to shredding

    Is it easy and convenient to use

    • This Black Out works only on very light print and even then not nearly as well as a permanent marker. It doesn’t stamp evenly over it’s surface and you would have to stamp 20 times or more to have any chance at all of “blacking out” anything. On most print it doesn’t work at all. Save your money. Another “as seen on TV scam”.

    • This product produced a decent amount of ink coverage the first time I used it (I tried it a few times right out of the package). After I put it away for a few days and pulled it out again to use it as is designed the ink had dried out already about 95% and was therefore unusable. I must agree with Mr. Evans: “Another ‘as seen on TV scams'”.

      • I had the same problem as Dave. HomeSmart Black Out worked fine the first time but now the ink comes out too light. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

  3. Is it really non-washable

    Can you read through it

    Is it a good alternative to shredding

    Is it easy and convenient to use

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