HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna Review

This is not the review of the original HD Free TV Antenna. This is the review of the NEW model – The HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna

What is HD Free Unlimited TV Antenna?

It is the latest model of the original HD Free TV Antenna. The “Unlimited” version has an increased range of 100 miles (claimed by the manufacturer, no attested by actual reviews and users).

The promoters of the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna claim that they now have the technology to cut the cable tv bills with the new UNLIMITED power antenna. It works indoors as well as outdoors. The HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna marketers claim in their review video that it is snow-proof, rainproof and weather-proof. They company also claim in the official review that the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna can receive 4K resolution even in harsh whether, irrespective of your location and the make of the TV.

What Free Movies and Networks do you get?

ABC News, CNN News, Retro RTV, HSN, FOX, AVIVA, NBC, ION TV etc

What is the range?

100 miles is the range claimed by the manufacturer.

Is the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna easy to use?

As per the review the antenna can be used right out of the box with minimal installations. Like any other antenna, it can be installed inside or outside of your house and RV. Though the makers of HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna stress on the usability aspect of the antenna, actual buyers don’t see anything new in this. They mention in their reviews that this (indoors/outdoors) is a common feature of any antenna and the way they promote the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna – is foolish.

How to use the HD Free Unlimited TV Antenna?

Simply plug-in the antenna in to the amplifier and then plug the amplifier in the back of your TV. The next step is to scan f the channels, you are now good to view news, weather and movie channels from all the major networks. The Unlimited antenna works with your existing cables. According to the manufacturers claims one HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna can provide feed up to three TVs. You can even get an FM reception with this antenna. You can use your existing remote with the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna. The antenna features a built-in 4G filter that claims to keep out interference from power lines and mobile towers.

More Smoke Less Fire Like its predecessors, the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna is full of false promises and false hope. Many reviewers complain that you can count the number of channels on your fingers.

Nothing Better than a Cheap Wal-Mart Antenna

Many users complain that the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna is nothing better than a cheap <$10 antenna at Walmart. Many reviewers mention that the quality and the results are exactly the same, nothing better.

Does not work in Wooded Area

Some users complain that the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna does not receive any signal in wooded areas. You have to place the antenna above the trees to get a reception.

The Reception is not Steady

Sometimes, you have to move the antenna to get a steady reception.

It helps if you are near a city

The HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna works best if you are near a big city like NYC. Also you need to have a clear sky for a good reception.

What’s the “UNLIMITED” in the HD FREE TV Antenna?

It is a marketing ploy, to lure people into thinking that this antenna has got an unlimited range. But that’s not true. The HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna has a range of 100 miles…theoretically.

Our Verdict on HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna

Do not get sucked into believing that this antenna has an unlimited range. While the motive of having that name is to mislead people. HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna is not the only indoor antenna out there in the market. In fact reviews mention that a $10 antenna works as good as this one if not better. No amount advertising is going to make an indoor antenna in to what it is not. HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna inherits the pros and cons of an indoor antenna. And the most common of the disadvantages is poor reception and a few channels to watch. If you really love watching TV then you would not love the HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna.

3 Comments on "HD Free “Unlimited” TV Antenna Review"

  1. howe joseph | May 20, 2020 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    Usually, if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t. Clear TV claimed similar reception except for the range. It was also a false claim. I want the names of some people who have purchased this item and gotten what was advertised. I have lots of questions.

  2. Thanks. Very helpful review.i actually started to drink the Kool aid but read your review first. You didn’t save my life, but you did save me money. Go ahead and publish this if you like, you deserve the accolades.

  3. let me try it before i buy it

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