GoTunes Speakers Review

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If you end up travelling long distances for work every day, you know what a boring experience it can be. But for some it’s fun time because they can play their favourite music through the drive. There’s no dearth of quality music devices that can turn your journeys into a fun experience, but there’s indeed a dearth of good quality, reasonably priced travel speakers. However that’s changed with the launch of GoTunes, a brilliant on the go travel speaker that works brilliantly with practically all music devices. Now listening to your chosen music on your MP3 player or Smartphone is ever so easy.


GoTunes Speakers
You can also use this speaker to listen to music on your laptop and you will be pleased to note that it will improve the sound on your laptop as well. What’s more, it can be recharged in your office for your convenience too. Now create your own powerful car stereo with the help of this device, which does not require any auxiliary jack for functioning, neither there is a need for a Bluetooth device. There are many advantages of using this product, which not only lets you listen to music on your phone, but you can talk hands free while travelling too.

Now your everyday trips to work and back will become a breeze while you can ensure that your road trips are not cumbersome anymore either. You can make the most of the Internet radio while you go out camping, which is an added bonus. You can have fun tailgating with the help of your device, which can be used to create the ambience when you have guests at home for a party too. The 20 inch retractable cord makes it convenient for use.



What do I get?
You can get GoTunes for 2 easy payments of $19.95 plus S&H of $8.95 at You can get another GoTunes by paying additional S&H.



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