GoJo Hands Free Review

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Today most of us are hard pressed for time, which is why multitasking has become the name of the game. You might have to get on with other daily tasks including driving to work or departmental store while you talk on the phone with your friends, family or for work. Hence you are often on the lookout for a good quality headset that makes your life a lot easier. With GoJo Hands Free you have found one as it lets you attach your mobile to an industrial strength suction pump so that you can have uninterrupted conversation hands free.


GoJo Hands Free
Good thing about GoJo Hands Free is that it is extremely comfortable and convenient for use. It can be adjusted so that it fits you perfectly and it works with different kinds of mobile phones and landlines too. Moreover you won’t have to go through complicated pairing or the hassle of charging and wiring either. And at all times the call quality will be maintained because GoJo Hands Free ensures that the voice quality is not compromised. You simply snap on GoJo Hands Free, slip it on and you are ready to go, hands free.

GoJo Hands Free is legal in all states and what’s more, it can be used as universal kick stand as well. Your search for a smart, convenient and effective headset that maintains voice quality ends with GoJo Hands Free, which is a must have product for you.



What do I get?
You can buy two GoJo Hands Free headsets and you get a non-slip Grip Mat with your offer for $10.00 plus processing and handling fee of $7.95 at www.gojohandsfree.com. You can get two more GoJo Hands Free headsets and another non-slip Grip Mat by paying additional shipping and handling charge.



GoJo Hands Free Video


32 thoughts on “GoJo Hands Free Review

  1. This does NOT snap on. The little suction cup would not even attach to any surface. Bought at store, so I took it back there. It is a cheap flimsy piece of junk.

  2. I bought the Gojo Handsfree and on the very first use one broke and with in a few days the second one broke. I find them not worth the money i paid for them I wish I kept the receipt so I could return them.

  3. These Bastards are lower than Whale crap at the bottom of the ocean. They lie through their teeth with up-charging scams! They turned great Idea into shit!! DON”T BUY!! PASS THE WORD!! PUT IT ON FACEBOOK!! They must be REPUBLICANS!! MITT ROMNEY, & DICK CHENEY, could take lessons on sleeze from these bastards!!!

  4. I have not received what I was suppose to and have been charged. No more charges on my card. And please give me a phone no. I can talk to some one. I am very upset.

  5. received as gift. Third time I put it on cause the end of it bites into my head it broke. Cheap plastic crap made in China. Should have used some other material to make these with and changed the end to provide more cushion.

  6. The Gojo Hands Free did have a rather exotic-sounding name, and it did promise some utility that I thought might come useful. Boy, was I mistaken! There was hardly any proper documentation about the ‘new, wonder technology’ that these fake websites promised it was. I went from website to website, looking for relevant details or at least real consumer ratings and Gojo Hands Free reviews, but it came to nothing. Most of these sites had glossy pictures of hyper, over-enthused people promising that the Gojo Hands Free would make my life brilliant, but no website had any reviews or ratings to support it.

    Forget honest and independent Gojo Hands Free reviews, these sites had misleading links that opened to bad getaways, unnecessary pop-ups and security compromises. I chose to go directly to the product official website, but that was another frustrating experience. The website had “Buy It Now” links, but absolutely no helpful information. And for a product like this, I was not prepared to go through my credit card and risk getting into scams. On searching further, I came to this website, and it was unprecedented! Everything I needed to know about the product, this website gave me!

    • This is a classic case of intelligent SEO-techniques ruining (and misleading) customer trust. In most cases, search engines like Google and Bing can’t differentiate between actually helpful reviews and real customer ratings, and loads of junk that parade as “Best Reviews”. Fake reviewers and promoters of fraud products need to be dealt with better, if internet promotion is to be trusted again.

  7. The company is a scam …..Have asked the District Attorney of Santa Clara County to investigate. They double the orders, accept orders from minors, charge over $30.00 for shipping and handling. Do not provide access to “Customer Service” via their web-site. When you call, it’s an automatic voice system which prevents you from even leaving a message …….Definitely a scam company ….Any company that deprives it customer a way to contact them, as they do …HAS SOME REASON TO DO SO !!!! Legitimate company have humans answering/responding to customers inquiries !

  8. Ordered GoJo Hands Free, wished I had checked the reviews first. Good idea, but they made so cheap as to rip off any ordering their product. I think they’re more interested in getting your money than selling a quality product. Never again without looking up the reviews.

  9. I ordered a GoJo Hands Free which should have costed me about $25 for 2 sets. When I ordered, it automatically put 4 plus S&H for 4. My order came out to $69.80. IT’S A LOAD OF CRAP THIS SITE. I immediately called customer service and the guy on the phone said that I had no choice but to take all 4 and he refused to cancel my order…then he hung up on me. I was fuming so I called my visa company and cancelled my card. As it states on the bill that your payment does not come off your card until the product is shipped. Fooled them…I then checked my order status and my order was at $0.00. I have ordered many things online and I’ve never been so taken advantage like GOJO did. CANCEL YOUR VISA CARD THE SAME DAY AND THE ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED.

  10. This GOJO Hand Free is a piece of junk. It broke in two the first time I tried to use it. Before it broke it fit loose on my head and it felt like the phone was going to fall off. When I went to take it off it snapped in two and is worthless now.

  11. This Gojo Hand-Free is a piece of junk. The first time I tried using it I felt that the phone was going to fall off my ear the whole time I was talking. If I shook my head it would have. Then, when I went to take it off my head the GoJo snapped in two.

  12. I just saw this product on TV and was really considering buying it but decided to check out reviews and I am SO GLAD that I did. I definitely wont be wasting my hard earned money for their junk.Thank you for all of the reviews.

  13. I purchased the Gojo hands free headset device. It worked as advertised. The problems I had was… the product breaks very easily. The shipping and handling was too expensive, for a product so small that arrived in a box that can hold six D batteries. I would not recommend this product until the cheap plastic parts are replaced.

  14. How do you contact GoJo by telephone. I have just been scammed out of $137.00 because I did not realize if I got to the final screen there was no confirmation key. I kept going back when I saw the amount was wrong but it was each time being processed.

  15. Gojo is a scam, I cancelled my order after they attached the 31 dollar
    P and H onto it. My 17 dollar order turned into 48 dollar order. They said they canceled my order then a week later they took the money out of my account.


  16. GoJo is a scam.I ordered on set for $10.00, and got six for $51.00 billed to me,and I tried to contact them to cancel the order and couldn’t. I sent a reply e-mail with the order confirmation,and they never contacted me but kept the money. It took 30 days for the order to arrive. I would not recommend using there service, I think they are thieves.

  17. What a horrible product. THIS IS NOT A LEGAL WAY TO DRIVE. Hands free for legal driving must have voice operation. I.e. dialing, hanging up. Answering without your hands! Buying a 50 bluetooth is way cheaper than a 300 ticket for using this device while driving. Not legal Hands free!!

    One more way to fool older people, that can’t keep up with technolog. You people prey on people. Maybe its only ten bucks, But, ten bucks every other day on some other SCAM product, I am sure this company is behind as well.

    Go ahead spend your money on more junk made in china. If they paid more than 5 cents to have these made I would be shocked.

  18. I ordered the two sets on Dec. 7, 2011 ND Paid for them. till now (Feb.3, 2012) I have not received them. I called the customer service and they told me that they did not have them on stock and I expect to receive them on Feb. 24.

    Hat information was not provided to me when I placed my order. I guess that if they have 10,000 person ordering from them and they can place this money in saving account then they are making a lot of return on people’s money. I think this is not good business practice. They should not sell merchandise that they do not have.

  19. This hands free gadget seems awesome. I especially want it for my house phone. I am shocked that I cannot find any independent customer reviews or testimonials anywhere. I would feel better if I knew I would actually recieve the product, before placing the order,

    • Denise w, this device is not the way to go no matter how cheap the construction is. I can make anything work out of snotty construction but this device can harm you leave it alone for your own health.

    • Ordering from the website was a little confusing as it pertains to the extra order. I thought I was just confirming the buy 2 get 2 free type order and the next thing I know I’m getting charged for $40 worth of stuff AND shipping and handling. Site needs a screen that lets you review order before the order is sent. I guarantee I won’t be the only one to make this mistake and the fact it goes right to the order confirmation makes it seem a little squirrely even if the product turns out to be great. The fact that I was going to be charged $71 was an unpleasant surprise.

      It better be a good product because apparently now I’m going to have 8 of them or something…

      • I still have not found ONE person on the web who has actually received a Gojo Hands Free!?

        My current home phone came without a headset jack. by the time I realized it was too late to return it.

        How is it possible that we cannot find ONE descent review.

        They went through so much trouble to promote it with no intention of fulfilling the orders in an honest fashion? Jerks!

        I’m gonna make my own!

        • I received the Go Jo, 8 of them as a matter of fact. DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Crappy plastic, broke 2 trying to get them on my head. AND the main thing is I ALWAYS READ THE REVIEW BEFORE I ORDER–well I didn’t this time and it came back and bit me big time. They charged my credit card double what the order was . Can I just say SCAM!! I would say shame on them but evidently they have not standards. Why didn’t they put effort in designing a usable product.

  20. Review GoJo Hands Free

    Do you think GoJo Hands Free is a good quality headset?

    Did GoJo Hands Free live up to your expectations?

    Does GoJo Hands Free maintain impeccable voice quality throughout the call?

    Is GoJo Hands Free convenient for use?

    Do you think GoJo Hands Free is worth its price?

    • BE WARNED! This is very misleading! It says buy 2 get 2 free. $14.95 plus $7.95 S&H. What they charge is $61.70! Canadian. When the shit gets here, I’ll probably have to pay GST PLUS DUTY! WHAT A EFFING RIP-OFF!

      I would rather be robbed at gunpoint; at least that might be exciting. These bastards are worse than politicians. Don’t buy GOJO Hands Free!

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