GoGo Pillow Review

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Tablets and large screen cellphones have become a rage and everyone owns one. Tablets especially can be of great assistance as a travel entertainment by loading your favorite movies into it or be used in the kitchen for following a favorite food recipe channel. Imagine lazing in the bed with no fuss of sitting uncomfortably to watch television and just watching it while lying down comfortably. The only issue in all these scenarios is very small but genuine enough that it can worsen the experience of using a tablet. The issue is of handling the tablet and placing it while performing the above activities. It is practically impossible to use a tablet without holding it which can be painful to the hands and neck. Well now you can use GoGo Pillow to sort it out and relax.


GoGo Pillow
GoGo Pillow is a pillow designed for tablets and iPads of new generation so as to place them anywhere protectively and still enjoying the benefits of it. There are many covers that come in the market claiming that it can help tablets stay upright and they do work but only on flat surfaces. Well GoGo Pillow comes with a comforted and sleek multi-slot design which allows the tablet to be placed comfortably.

It consists of houses that can hold corners of any sized tablets and can be rotated to decide the desired viewing angle. The housing design also has provision to take out the power cord and insert the ear bud right through it. The unique design consists of straps on the other side of the pillow which can be either carried as a backpack for kids or can be strapped on the back of any car’s seat to convert it into a in-car entertainment kit.

GoGo Pillow is the perfect choice if tablets are to be used on the lap, in school, mounted in the card, used on exercise machines, etc. It is available in 5 trendy colors viz blue, pink, grey, burgundy and animal print and as a special limited time offer purchasing one GoGo Pillow gets another absolutely free.



What do I get?
Get 2 GoGo Pillows for just $19.95 + $19.90 s/h. Official website GoGoPillow.com


GoGo Pillow Video


36 thoughts on “GoGo Pillow Review

  1. Forget the Go Go the new pillow on the block is the Lap Top Easel. Perfectly holds all your lap top computers, Tablets and reading books with orthopedic wrist support. I purchased mine by the most trusted retailer on the web Amazon get yours today.
    Cheryl Lynn.

  2. I searched Go Go Pillow website yesterday and saw what a mess it was and confusing and left it. Then I got an email saying order was being shipped to me….

    I DID NOT EVEN PUT MY CREDIT CARD # in and they are sending me two pillows. SCAM I would say and much more.

    I tried to call but told offices were closed, going to my bank tomorrow, how did they get my card number when I did not put it in. Then I will call the Attorney General for fraud. My Bank will pay me back the money….IF product shipped I will mark “NOT ACCEPTED DID NOT ORDER”


  3. What a rip off this GOGO Pillow! I was just looking around on their site, put one in my cart and HAD TO put in credit card info to see what my grand total would be with shipping. It was $40 for only ONE so I closed out my browser as soon as I saw that. Well, they charged me anyway and shipped it! I’m trying to dispute the charges and return everything but they’re acting like they did nothing wrong. What a scam!

  4. Ok I see a lot of comments on how many people are not happy with the GoGo Pillow…but can anyone tell me how long will shipping take approximately??

  5. BEWARE SCAM!!!! I should have read Mi message before I order. I only want to order one and get one free. They don’t show you how much they’re going to charge. This is a SCAM. They charged over $88 when I only want 2 gogopillow for my kids. I try the adjust the order right away and they said it’s already process. I will reject shipment and block my credit card. They should show how much the order will cost before charging credit card.

  6. Why isn’t this product shipped to Alaska, WE ARE OF THE 50 STATES!!! So tired of finding something I really want or need and fill out all of the info and find that is is not shipped to Alaska!!

  7. I ordered two pillows for my IPad. It would fit the mini but said it would fit ALL IPads! It is a rip off and I’m very unhappy!!

  8. I purchased 4 gogo pillows on April 5th and have not received them yet! They deducted the payment from my account and after about 4 weeks I called to see where my pillows were and the customer service was no help at all! Basically told me they are behind because of the demand. That’s not my problem! As a business they should have been prepared! Not happy at all, and will never buy anything from this company again!

    • The reviews on here are absolutely ridiculous. If buyers simply took the time to read over the details on the products website you wouldn’t have a problem. It specifically states how long it should take the product to get there. I have dealt with this company before and they have nothing but friendly customer service employees. I don’t know why people complain about such little problems. It’s a day late? WHO CARES!

      Also, no company charges you for things you don’t purchase. If you click something then you are going to get it. HELLO! It is not an imaginary charge you obviously pressed the button. If you need help ordering, call customer service BEFORE you purchase so you can make sure you aren’t getting “mysterious” charges.

      • Hannah I got $50 in mysterious changes. Separate out the product from the scammming website. I called customer service and they were very friendly on the phone and did not do a thing to change my order. I wanted to change colors and still buy it. I ended being billed $105 for one set..

  9. Can anyone tell me how long in took to even get your order, never mind how deceiving the web site was, which it definitely was. I ordered for a B’day gift and have not heard or seen a thing.

  10. I don’t really think some of this criticism is fair since if you go back and re-read the original advertisement, you will see everything is clearly written in their ads. It is just so important we take time to read all the words and especially the fineprint before hitting the submit button.

    • AGREED! I wanted reviews of the product, not complaints that show no one reads before buying! The first time I looked at the site, it was easy to realize that the total would be about $40 for two pillows of the same color. Really, people, READ!

      The complaints about shipping time seem to be frequent. Sadly, there was only one review on this whole page regarding the actual product usage!

  11. Ok, so like the prior posts.. all I wanted was 1 pillow and yet they charge me for 2 for $40! Don’t even give me a chance to review order…

    This practice seems extremely unethical. They should say its 2 pillows that you MUST get if thats the case….. I am calling my credit card tomorrow. These TV deals are almost always the same… bait and switch!

  12. Gogo Pillow is a scam company. They process your order and charge your credit card BEFORE THEY GIVE YOU A TOTAL!! I ordered 2 pillows and they charged my card for 4 pillows and for the shipping on 4 pillows. My total should have been about $30 but it was $80. The problem is that generally every website gives you a total, and then you agree to pay that total, and then they charge you. Gogopillow will charge you and then tell you AFTERWARDS what you paid. They rip you off and they are a scam. As soon as they are open tomorrow I’m calling them and demanding my money back and reporting them to the better business bureau.

    • Did you click two different colors? Because the way they get you is they make the order form confusing. If you click on one colour, you’re getting that set of two pillows of the same colour, you can’t get a different colour for your free one. So if you clicked on two different colors, you actually ordered two sets of pillows=4pillows.

  13. Be very careful using this website or you’ll be $80 poorer.

    Since there’s a two for the price of one offer and a quantity selector, you would assume that selecting two would send you two pillows. However, this option is to select how many orders you want to place, so selecting 2 puts through two orders, for a total of four pillows.

    Shipping for one pillow is $10, and it appears to be impossible to order just one, so for each order they ship you two pillows for $20 + $20 shipping = $40.

    Therefore, you can easily end up with a total order of $80 and not even realize it. The website doesn’t even confirm the total before they place the order, so you don’t know your total until you receive the email confirmation that the order has been created.

    These practices appear to be unethical:
    1. The advertised $20 price requires you to pay $10 shipping for this pillow, and another $10 shipping for a second pillow. Therefore, it’s impossible to spend less than $40 to obtain a $20 pillow.

    2. The quantity selector misleads the consumer into believing that they’re selecting the quantity of pillows to be ordered, when it actually selects the quantity of orders of two pillows.

    3. The website does not allow the customer to confirm the total prior to placing the order. The credit card, billing and shipping information are collected, along with the quantity and colour, and the order is immediately placed.

    • Yes….this is exactly what happened to me! I never confirmed or actually placed the order but they went ahead and charged/shipped anyway and now they’re just playing dumb with me, saying there’s nothing they can do. I just have to return the GoGo Pillow when it comes – and pay for return shipping. What a scam!

  14. Agree with what previous posters have said about shady ordering practices, excessive shipping, etc. To make matters worse, they don’t appear to allow returns – no process published on web site or invoice, email inquiries refer to you the 1-800 number, and the number leaves you on hold forever. Also, be advised that your iPad won’t fit in the pillow if you have some kind of protective case/cover on it – not worth the hassle of shifting stuff back and forth, IMO.

  15. This site is a scam! Don’t buy it unless from a store where you actually can see and walk out with it. Shipping is as much as the pillow. When I tried going back to the site to get a location and contact number it would only take me back to the purchase order and not allow me to go to their home page. Why is that?

  16. Don’t order this GOGO Pillow. It might be a great product, but they add stuff to your order that you didn’t want. I tried to order 1 pillow, and was willing to pay the s/h for the ‘free’ one I didn’t want, but my bill came to $79.00! Most websites let you review your order before it’s placed, but they went right from the order to done! No subtotal or anything, so once it’s placed, right or wrong, it’s placed. I’m calling my bank to stop payment because I won’t let them have one dime of my money now.

  17. I attempted to purchase one a month ago. The website is awful and never actually showed that I placed an order. When I didn’t hear for 2 weeks, I called to see if an order was placed and they said a “system issue” meant no orders were received. I told them to cancel my order, and they said there was no order under my information. Just yesterday I got a call from them regarding my order! I am furious. When I called to cancel, it can’t be because it is ready to be shipped. They blamed the system again (and on Facebook have blamed backorder, which they never told customers about) and now I get to see if I ever get this order so I can return it. If the product’s functionality is any indication of how the company functions, it isn’t good news.

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