GoGo Pillow Kids

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What are GoGo Pillow Kids

They are cute and comfortable pillows that claim to double up as smart and safe cases for your tablets as well.
GoGo Pillow Kids assert that they can be a sensible solution for your kids when they want to cuddle with cute animal friends at nights. At the same time they can also carry your kids’ tablets safely and they can be used conveniently too. You know your kids rely on these devices, especially when they are travelling long distances. Now things are made a lot easier with GoGo Pillow Kids, according to its claims.

GoGo Pillow Kids offer a cute and cuddly friend to kids

Do your kids absolutely hate bed time and just don’t look forward to it? Then GoGo Pillow Kids will tempt them into bed at the right time, saving you a lot of trouble every night. These are cute, soft and very huggable animals that will become your kids’ favourite companions. GoGo Pillow Kids are perfect for night time when your kids have to go to bed and look for some comfort. But they will also be happy to carry them around while watching TV or going to friends for sleepovers as well.


GoGo Pillow Kids doubles up as a tablet cover

You get tablets for your kids because they are engaging and entertaining for them. They are lifesavers, especially when you have to make long journeys and have bored kids on your hands. GoGo Pillow Kids ensure that now these tablets and games can be kept safe during the day time. What’s more, they also offer children a soft surface as well. GoGo Pillow Kids emphasizes that they have been smartly designed and the easy cord ensures that there’s access right through the pillow. They can also store tablets when not in use.

GoGo Pillow Kids has smart features to make them very functional

GoGo Pillow Kids stress that they can protect all those expensive tablets and games for kids when they are not in use. That’s because they won’t be damaged at all in case they hit the ground. These pillows are ideal for those on the go moments, which are quite a few in your kid’s busy social life too. GoGo Pillow Kids assure you that they are versatile and will fit a tablet of practically any size so that everyone in the family can use them to the fullest.

GoGo Pillow Kids and the several options you get

Next time you are driving with your kids in the backseat, you can ensure that they don’t get bored and restless because GoGo Pillow Kids can turn your car into a moving theatre. There are several fun and cuddly options available in the GoGo Pillow Kids collection to choose from. There’s the Drake Dragon and Dakota Dog, Barry the Bear and Layla Ladybug, Gigi Giraffe and Peyton Panda, Manny Monkey and Ally Owl, Leo Lion and Yuri the Unicorn, who ensure that the fun never stops.

What do I get?

Get 1 GoGo Pillow Kids in the style of your choice for ONLY $29.95 + $7.95 (P&H).Official wesite gogopillowkids.cartooga.com


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