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What is Globot?

It is an attachable LED light that is motion activated so that it switches on and off automatically because of its sensors to light up the space where light doesn’t reach.


Motion-activated LED light

Globot supposedly helps light up any dark spaces where light does not reach. There are areas like closets, under the stairs, drawers, or nooks and corners that are always dark and if you need anything from there you either need to manage in darkness or hold a flashlight in one hand and manage with just one hand. But all that inconvenience is believably set to be eliminated with Globot, which is supposedly a powerful stick-up LED light that has sensors to activate it every time you pass by.


Saves energy and doesn’t light up unless needed

Since Globot can detect light, it claims that it does not switch on when there is already light in the room so it won’t work during the day when you don’t need it thus apparently saving battery. It is also motion-activated so it does not work unless needed, that is, if there is no one in the room, so you believably do not have to worry about leaving it on as it will switch off automatically too. Globot supposedly works only at night and does not turn on unless it is dark. It is also supposed to be helpful when there is power outage because it lights up automatically and you do not need candles or flashlights and can work around the house without hassle.


Sticks or clips on easily

Along with supposedly giving you a lot of convenience, Globot is also believably easy to attach. It is said to just stick with adhesive on its surface or it can also be clipped on making it a versatile light. So whether it is also your shed, drawer or cabinet, or under the bed, you only need to clip or stick Globot there once and let it do the rest while you do your work with the supposed 8 powerful LED bulbs giving you more than sufficient light.


    What do I get ?

  • Buy Two Globot for $14.95 plus $15.9 P&H.
  • Official Website :

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