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What is Fountainphonic:

It is a speaker system that claims to dance to music and create stunning visual effects.
Fountainphonic promises to offer music lovers concert like experience when playing music in the comforts of their home. If you are a music lover, you like to come back home after a hard day’s work and listen to your favourite music. Or you might want to set the ambience for the party you are hosting at home. Fountainphonic maintains that it can do that rather well for you while also creating stunning visual effects to add to the treat.

Fountainphonic has built in fountains

The powerful water fountains that Fountainphonic has, dance to the music that is being played. The multicoloured LED lights used, reflect off the water as it shoots out of the base. It’s the kind of experience that creates a visual spectacle around your house, which will instantly impress your guests. If you want to set the mood for an evening then these visuals will add to it as well. Fountainphonic speaker system comes with two speakers and claims to offer you concert like sound when you are playing music at home.


Fountainphonic works with different types of systems

Fountainphonic stresses on the fact that it is versatile for your needs and works well with Smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players and many other devices. You can play it easily with your home computer system; however it’s also lightweight and portable. Thus you can take the speakers with you wherever you go and let the party continue outdoors. Fountainphonic maintains that they are perfect for people of all ages who love their music and would also like to add to their experience with funky visuals.
Fountainphonic has a smart a standard USB power plug, which makes the speaker system very convenient for use. You don’t need any batteries or power supply to make the most out of them. The speaker system is also non toxic, according to its claims. Thus you can enjoy top quality music with brilliant visuals and without any hassle with this speaker system.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Fountainphonic Speaker System for just $29.95 + $12.9 P&H.
  • Official website:
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