Flips Audio Headphones

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Music is an integral part of our lives and you like listening to it when you are on your own relaxing or with friends partying. In fact there’s no better way to set the mood for a fun and exciting evening with your guests then playing the music of your choice out loud. What if you were told that headphones that you use to listen to music when you are on your own could also double up as stunning quality speakers that will make you the life of the party? Yes, Flips Audio Headphones are revolutionary in that regard and must have for you.

How does Flips Audio Headphones Work

Flips Audio Headphones are one of a kind and they can give out blaring, top quality sound as speakers as well. You can use them as headphones and make the most of the stunning features they are known for. To begin with Flips Audio Headphones use a patent pending technology that lets them have that crisp quality sound you like to hear. This clear high definition sound makes for great listening at home when you are enjoying your own company. Another highlight of these headphones is that they are compact and very lightweight, which makes them perfect if you are on the go.

And that’s also the reason you can take your Flips Audio Headphones easily for the next party in town or your friend’s house. Have them folded neatly in the case and take them to the chosen location to let the party begin. Flips Audio Headphones offer you intense amplified sound that’s extremely powerful and its secret lies in its proprietary technology. What’s more, they have a safety flip, which lets you turn them into these powerful speakers only when they are turned away from your phone.

Flips Audio Headphones are cleverly designed and offer you a comfort fit thanks to the custom vented ear cups and soft memory foam padding that’s present on all contact surfaces. Flips Audio Headphones also have lithium ion battery, which is not only USB rechargeable but offers hours of exciting and powerful playtime.

Colors available:

  • Satin Black Finish Electric Lime Black Chrome Accent
  • Satin White Finish Racing Red Polished Chrome Accent



What do I get?
Get the Flips Audio Headphone in your choice of color (White/Black) for just $120.00 + $14.99 Shipping. Official website FlipsAudio.com



Flips Audio Headphones Video

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