Flexy Pop Review

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What is Flexy Pop

It claims to be a compact sized yet powerful universal phone mount that can simply attach a phone to any surface. It is based on suction mechanism and is made of UV protective heat proof material to last in any kind of temperature variation.

Universal mount:

Flexy Pop claims to be an extremely amazing discovery for the smart phone generation but there are no Flexy Pop reviews available that can back such a claim. Flexy Pop states to resolve the issue of mounting the phone while driving so that the eyes are always on the road. How well does Flexy Pop function is still a question to be answered by Flexy Pop reviews. Flexy Pop promises to be very different from traditional dashboard or windshield mounts that lose suction eventually and are not good at holding up in extreme temperatures. Does Flexy Pop really provide such benefits for users? Flexy Pop reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Powerful suction grip:

Flexy Pop proclaims to be highly powerful when it comes to holding the cellphone against any type of surface. Such claim is too far-fetched and we will have to wait for Flexy Pop reviews to analyze it. Flexy Pop asserts to be made from suction technology that is very strong and sturdy. The two grip suction caps with a flexible connector are the key to Flexy Pop’s design. Flexy Pop emphasizes to stick to any phone surface and the other end of the suction caps attaches to any surface on the car be it the dashboard or the glass to keep it handy while driving. At this point of time there are no Flexy Pop reviews available that attest to such claims. Flexy Pop assures that it stays on the surface without any effect form temperature due to a UV protective heat proof coating. The functionality of Flexy Pop will be only validated once users review it. Flexy Pop also convinces to be highly effective because of its compact size that can fit inside a pocket so that one can carry it around for various purposes. These promises by Flexy Pop sound too fanciful; user reviews will expose the truth. Flexy Pop states to be also helpful for sticking to any textured surface using the sticker adapter pad.

Multi-utility mount:

Flexy Pop guarantees to be highly flexible not just while using it but also for various purposes apart from providing a safe driving experience. Although currently there are no Flexy Pop reviews that substantiate its claim. Flexy Pop declares to be great for even holding a tablet using two Flexy Pops but there are no reviews that verify it. Flexy Pop promises to be great at mounting the phone while using it while driving to use as a GPS or taking calls without taking the eyes off road. It also can be used while watching recipes in the kitchen, while on treadmill to secure it away, etc. Does Flexy Pop really work as it promises? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

Please see official website flexypop.com

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