Flexi Lite Review

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What is Flexi Lite

The infomercial states that it is a strip of powerful, battery-operated and flexible LED lights that illuminate dark areas inside and outside the house instantly. It promises to be cool to the touch and last over 100,000 hours.


Flexi Lite Review

There’s no light at all – Tina who used Flexi Lite complained in here review that she used them for her closet but even with two strips of light there was no illumination. She just didn’t expect that after seeing bright illumination in the infomercial and felt cheated, which is why she has returned the lights.

Be cautious of the size – Brian who reviewed Flexi Lite exposed in his review that the lights are only 12 inches long. This piece of information is not mentioned anywhere. It means you have to pay $25 for 4 feet light, which is not good value for money at all.

Flexi Lite is not a unique product that you won’t find anywhere else. We did some research and found a similar product called Triangle Bulbs T93007 Waterproof LED Strip Light. The most important parameter is the cost, Triangle Bulbs T93007 cost just $6 against the $ of Flexi Lite $16

Compare Flexi Lite with Triangle Bulbs T93007

Compare What is it? Flexi Lite vs Triangle Bulbs T93007
Triangle Bulbs T93007 – It is super bright LED light strip that installs easily and is ideal for home and office decoration, according to its claims.

Flexi Lite – It is a strip of battery operated LED lights that are powerful and can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Verdict – Both the lights have similar functioning and are equal in this category.


Is it waterproof?

Triangle Bulbs T93007 – Yes it is.

Flexi Lite – They claim to be waterproof.

Verdict – They are both equal in this category and thus ideal for outdoor use too.


Compare Light strip length

Triangle Bulbs T93007 16.4 feet with 300 LED lights per reel.

Flexi Lite – 12 inches long.

Verdict – Triangle Bulbs T93007 are definitely longer and more versatile, hence win this category.


Compare Power Consumption

Triangle Bulbs T93007 – 4.8 W/m.

Flexi Lite – No information.

Verdict – We are going to call this category in the favor of Triangle Bulbs T93007 because of the lack of information on Flexi Lite.


Life duration

Triangle Bulbs T93007 – 50,000 hours.

Flexi Lite – 100,000 hours.

Verdict – Flexi Lite is the clear winner in this category.


Compare Wattage

Triangle Bulbs T93007 25 watts.

Flexi Lite: No information.

Verdict – Since there is no information on wattage by Flexi Lite, and because Triangle Bulbs T93007 work on reasonable wattage for the results they give, we are going to call the latter winner in this category.

Bright white light instantly

If you’re tired of fumbling for your keys in the dark or wish the dark spaces were better lit, Flexi Lite claims to give you brighter light instantly. The truth of the LED will be verified after enough Flexi Lite reviews are out. Flexi Lite maintains that it can illuminate any dark space with bright light. Whether it really does what it claims can be verified by Flexi Lite user reviews. You allegedly require no tools to install Flexi Lite and it sticks to any surface instantly. Such ease of getting bright light sounds impossible so Flexi Lite user reviews must be analyzed first. Flexi Lite assert that you just need to peel the strip, stick it on the surface and click the button to get bright light instantly. Flexi Lite user reviews will throw light on the fact whether this claim is true or not.

Super flexible design for corners

Flexi Lite proclaims that it has super flexible design that can fit into any corner. So Flexi Lite asserts to fix under tables, inside drawers, wardrobes, and trunk of your car to light up such dark areas. If it sounds too fanciful, wait for Flexi Lite user reviews to know the truth. Flexi Lite also maintains that it can fix around bends or at any angle like under the sink or washbasin. So, Flexi Lite not only lets you get an ambient décor with accent light but also provides functionality. But before choosing for Flexi Lite user reviews must be read to know its efficiency. Flexi Lite emphasizes that it operates on battery so it does not use any electricity. Whether this claim is true or not will be certified after Flexi Lite reviews are out.

Great for kitchen, bedrooms and even stairs

Whether your kitchen counter or pantry, Flexi Lite declares to light up any area effectively. You can allegedly also stick Flexi Lite on stairs or in the bedroom to light the way and make climbing up and down safer for yourself and especially kids and elders. Flexi Lite also guarantees to be great night light for kids for fun nights and even getting on or off their bunk beds. There aren’t enough Flexi Lite user reviews to clarify all these claims. Flexi Lite convince that they are cool to the touch so you do not have to worry about your kids burning their hands. Is Flexi Lite really safe to touch? Only Flexi Lite reviews will reveal the truth. The powerful LED bulbs of Flexi Lite guarantee to last for more than 100,000 hours whether used indoors or outdoors like in camping, riding a bike or just walking back in the dark. Is Flexi Lite really as good as it claims? Send us your Flexi Lite reviews.

What do I get?

You will get FOUR set of 2 Flexi Lites for just $10.00 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website flexilites.com

13 thoughts on “Flexi Lite Review

  1. Upon calling flexilites 800 no. From tv advertisement I am DENIED any information on the upgrades or longer strips UNTIL I order the initial 4- 12 inch strips. But I don’t want the short strips SOL… No givey the info till they get my order PROCESSED. I AM HANDING THIS OVER TO OUR MO. STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE!!! FOR IT IS A SCAM!

  2. i don’t trust any of these so-called inventions because the m.f.tv.p.’s are always cheap stuff to try and get around the fact of neurotic fustrations products are baited and switched sold because the creators are hucksters themselves. anybody remember deshonaise (mustard and mayonaise mixed) or pennut butter and jelly swirl spread for kids? convenience products are an imagination nullifier.

  3. I have today returned two sets of these lights. They were purchased for use in a clothes closet. Even with two strips of lights, the illumination was almost non-existent. I was very disappointed as the advertisement showed an illumination much brighter than the actual lighting.

    • File a complaint with your state attorney generals office. The more we get this exposed the more others have to look into before they leap. They even refused to tell me where they were shipped from , cause they knew I was going to check their BBB rating and probably file a complaint. I would like to get this scam exposed !!!!!

  4. Thank my intuition of reading reviews first, I was going to buy 10 or more! But now! Doubt it very much. Not from scammers, fraudulent benefit, falsely advertising, and not answering any e mail requests, I will research more before I buy from anyone, I greatly thank all, sorry you were all scammed.. J R. Massachusetts

  5. Whey don’t you give the lenght of the flexibility. I would like to order several, but C. Garcia, I don’t want to pay seperate S/H and packaging fees. So please email me back and let me know if there’s seperate fees for each order when odered all at the same time.

    • I also was curious about the length. No where on their sight on their commercial was it stated. I was smart and called their customer service numberat 844-281-1538 and was told they are only 12 inches long. That meaks you get 4 feet for almost $25 dollars. Not a good value in my mind, I won’t order these.

    • That is how these companies make their money, separate Shipping and Handling charges. It doesn’t matter if you buy 20 of them all at once, they will charge S &H separately because its a scam to make money. Some of these companies will take money off your credit card or out of your bank account without authorization from you. Don’t buy anything off TV or internet ads, they’re scams.

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