Flash Cord USB Review

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There are times when you hear something around you and wish you’d recorded it for posterity. It could be music that falls on your ears when you are walking on the street or a sermon that you instantly seem to connect with. There are times when you want to make a note of everything your doctor is saying because it’s important for you or as a student you want to have a record of what’s being said in the class. But it means you have to carry awkward recorders around you everywhere. However now you have a smart solution in the form of Flash Cord to make things easier.

How does Flash Cord USB Work

With Flash Cord you can easily record up to 25 hours of audio without any difficulty. Quite simply it’s a flash drive digital recorder that has taken recording technology to a whole new level and you can bid goodbye to those bulky recorders from now on. This USB flash drive has an audio recorder built into it, which is the secret behind its amazing performance. And that’s the reason Flash Cord can help you record practically anything you want to remember. You will have this recorder with you wherever you go because it’s so easy to carry around.

Another advantage of using Flash Cord is that it doesn’t require any batteries or tapes. Thus you have a respite from that problem as well and you will save costs on these conventional recording means too. You can simply switch on the Flash Cord into record and the job will be done. You can plug the USB drive into any type of computer and you can play it back whenever you want to listen to it. It’s also handy that you do not require any software to use this drive, which makes things simpler for you.

Flash Cord can fit into your keychain and can be carried around discreetly as well. It’s also rechargeable and can be used over and over again. Flash Cord gives the power in your hands to record anything you want, including your own voice and play it back.




What do I get?
Get 2 Flash Cord USBs and $15.00 “As Seen On TV” Shopping Card from Telebrands for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website GetFlashCord.com



Flash Cord USB Video
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2 thoughts on “Flash Cord USB Review

  1. On June 6, 2013 I ordered 2 FlashCords online at the getflashcord website. I assumed the charge card would be made immediately, but later found out that they do not charge the card until the order is shipped. Six weeks later (the maximum time they said I should receive my product) it had still not arrived. By then, my charge card had expired, so I called on July 19, and gave another charge card number and he said I should receive my order in 7-10 days. I received my order on August 14. One of the flashcords worked perfectly. When I inserted the second one into the USB slot, the case snapped apart. I attempted to snap it back together but could not seem to line up the on/off switch with the actuator. I called back and was told they would ship another to me at no charge in 7-10 days. After still not receiving it, I called back on September 12 and was told by a woman that she would replace the order and I should receive it by October 24. Today is only Sept. 12. I can’t believe that they have no units to ship. I doubt if I will be doing business with this company again.

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