Flash Chargers Review

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Do you often end up missing important phone calls because you are on the move and your battery dies? Or have you ever needed to make an emergency call but have been left high and dry because the phone discharged? Even if you do carry your charger all the time, plug points aren’t always available to charge the phone – like in a train or plane or outdoors or. Stopping at places to charge the phone is not always possible. But now, with Flash Chargers you will never have to miss another call and you can always be reachable even for the most important calls like clinching an important business deal.

Flash Chargers

Flash Chargers is a portable charger that will let you charge your phone anywhere and everywhere and you wouldn’t need a cigarette lighter or a wall charger. Even if you are travelling in a train or holidaying on a beach or in the mountains you just need to connect the Flash Chargers to the phone and it will start charting instantaneously. What’s more, you do not have to wait for it to finishing charging before you can start using the phone. Talk away or text away even while the phone is charging.

The sleek, compact and attractive charger comes in three colors – black, grey and pink. It can charge almost every mobile phone and not just that but it is also compatible with almost every mobile electronic device – whether it is your MP3 player or a tablet PC, Kindle, etc. Flash Chargers will give you as many as 40 whopping extra hours of talk time because of its powerful 2600 mAh battery that lets you charge your device as many as approximately 500 times. And all this at a reasonable cost.But now you can get up to 1000 times charging if you order your Flash Chargers now. In a special deal you will get another Flash Chargers free if you place the order right now.



What do I get?

  • 2 Flash Chargers (Black, Grey OR Pink)
  • 6 Adapters (iPhone/iPod, Mini USB, Micro USB)

All this for just $59.99 plus $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website FlashChargers.com


Flash Chargers Video
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5 thoughts on “Flash Chargers Review

  1. DO NOT BUY THESE PIECE OF SHIT CHARGERS! I Got 3 faulty chargers. I emailed a complaint in the beginning of April, it is now June 10, 2013. Spoke to Jonathan Kratter he was gonna replace the device I received an authorization code and still nothing! Will not even return my phone calls! STAY AWAY from this guy and this company!

  2. I tried the Flash Charger. It works great with my iPhone. I especially like that I can use it while it is charging. My wife also found a use for the Flash Charger when she misplaced the cord for her GPS. The Flash Charger recharged it so she could use the GPS in her car. Overall, great product!

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