Finger Charger

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Today we have come to rely on our phones, tablets, laptops etc for both our personal and professional lives. We just can’t do without them as they have become our lifelines in many ways. You do your best to keep them close to you but how often are you still found wanting because you realize they are out of battery? It can be a huge nuisance especially when you have to get something done for work at the earliest or need to reach a close one. Now you can ensure that you are never stuck in such a situation with the help of Finger Charger.

How does Finger Charger Work

It’s a portable universal adapter that can be used to charge everything from your cameras to your phones, tablets and a whole lot more. Now you can go from a dead battery to be up and running with your chosen device in a matter of minutes thanks to this USB charger. You simply plug it into a phone and instantly it will be ready for use. This lightweight portable adapter is about the size of your finger and it’s a must have tool for you to charge just about everything from gaming systems to cameras.

It’s incredibly easy to use it as well, which makes it ideal for you to carry it around with you every day, wherever you go. It works so well because it can transfer all of its strong Lithium ion energy into your chosen device to make sure that power is restored in it for all day long. Next time you are travelling on work or holiday for that matter, you won’t have to be out of battery on your phones or other devices. It’s equally handy when you are out camping with friends or there are unforeseen power outages for that matter.

Another good thing about this charger is that it is completely rechargeable and hence can be used over and over again. It can also stay charged for up to 10 months so that you can get the optimum use out of it anywhere and at any time.


What do I get?
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  1. I have ordered two Finger Chargers since March 26, I have not received any, however my credit card was not charged. I got a letter from the company saying that they are out of finger chargers. That’s almost four months ago.

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