EZ-Keys Keyboard Review

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Do you struggle with reading the print on your regular keyboard? Are you continuously hitting the wrong key? Do you have poor vision? You need the help of the amazing EZ-Keys! The unique EZ-Keys keyboard have been ergonomically designed with big, full size, bold prints on all its 104 keys, so that you get it right, without fumbling around, every time!


How does EZ-Keys Keyboard work?
The secret is the oversize 1-inch keys that are 275 per cent larger than standard keyboards and have high contrast lettering! EZ-Keys definitely help to improve your typing abilities and accuracy. Each key in this one-of-its-kind keyboard contains super bright pigments that work effectively even in poor lighting.

EZ-Keys works with both PC and MAC and requires no complicated software or installation; all you have to do is just plug in and play! The EZ-Keys keyboard also includes sixteen hot keys that can be set up as handy shortcuts to your most-used functions, like controlling the volume and accessing e-mail and Internet.

You can now comfortably connect with your children, grandchildren, easily and quickly. The EZ-Keys are a great gift idea too!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
2 EZ-Keys Keyboards for just $19.99 + $13.98 s and h. Official www. BuyEZKeys.com Offer. 30-Day money back guarantee. This offer is not in stores.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


EZ-Keys Keyboard Video
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28 thoughts on “EZ-Keys Keyboard Review

  1. We got our EZ Eyes keyboards – no problem! 6 weeks later…. problem. The letters are disappearing from the keyboard. Perhaps its not meant to be used? Just looked at?

  2. Order 2 EZ-Keys keyboards by mistake, 1 + 1 free. Called three times within 5 days. Was told order was not in the system yet. 4 keyboards received before I could confirm order. 2 x $34.95 each + $31.80 shipping = $101.70. I was lucky to cancel my order same date noted as order and shipping date. This appears to be processed through the same company as the Comfy Cushion with the same rip off process.

  3. I got quite intrigued about the new EZ Keys Keyboards after I checked its advertisement. Since many products do not perform as promised I wanted to be sure about its working. The best way I thought was to look up on the internet for opinions and reviews by people who might have previously used it. I looked for “EZ Keys Keyboards Reviews” exact words in the search engine and it displayed me a host of results which got me clicking excitedly. I started to surf couple of sites and realized that these sites were not real. The glorifying reviews along with links to purchase the product right away were all over a sign of scam website. I couldn’t find any type of review that would help me in deciding over the product. Finally I landed up here, an honest review site that does not try to sell a product but is all about sharing experiences. Thanks a lot for the review.

    • Products like EZ Keys and many more have a set of its own marketing campaign. Few of them even have affiliations with resellers who try to sell these products via fake websites as mentioned above for hefty commissions. It is a dark side of search engine optimization where the search engine is fooled into believing the sites to be real. Thus people who visit these sites are tricked into believing in the product and ultimately purchasing it.

  4. There was a time, not too long ago, when I remember if users like me wanted to buy any product, we could go online and find honest and unbiased reviews about it. When I was contemplating buying EZ Keys Keyboard, it should have been as simple as me using the product name as the keyword and genuine review sites popping up. What has changed now or have I missed something? There were all these sites that showed up and they had nothing worthwhile to say about the product. So why were they being called review sites, can someone explain that to me? They have blatant Buy Now tabs or lead me on to other sites, which make me buy the product. If I hadn’t found your site I would have begun to believe that it’s the way things are today and stopped looking for reviews altogether. But now I will be telling my friends about your site and visiting it every time myself too.

    • Your frustration is understandable and such sites are in plenty these days. They are paid sites where affiliate marketers get commissions from manufacturers. It’s all about selling the product at the end of the day and since search engines haven’t been able to punish them because they can’t make out the fake sites from genuine review sites they continue to come up and make a nuisance of themselves. It’s best to stay away from them.

  5. I bought one at Walmart. The keyboard itself works great. Within a few days, the letters started wearing off. Initially I was very happy with EZ Eyes. I have called the company numerous times and they refuse to back their product. Don’t waste your money on an EZ Eyes keyboard.

  6. I bought one at WalMart. Like others have said I’ve had to use a marker to keep the letters on…but, I put clear nail polish over that after it dried and it’s been fine since then. I’ve had my key board for a few months and it’s still working fine. I think I paid $14 at WalMart.

  7. My Big complaint is the letters etc are all coming off! The paint or what ever they use to make the black letters etc. I’ve had to resort to using a marker to redo them 🙁 I’ve only had this keyboard 3 weeks!

  8. My daughter ordered these for my husband and myself. I thought it was going to help us so much. ROFLMAO What a scam. Yes the letters are bigger and easier to see. IN THE DAY LIGHT. They DO NOT LIGHT UP, GLOW IN THE DARK AT ALL. After a few weeks the keys stop working. When they showed up, the first time I called them up and they replaced them. The second pair did the same thing. So I just threw them in the garbage and will never purchase from this company again. SCAMMERS ALL OF THEM. DO NOT BUY.

    • I just got one EZ-Keys Keyboard for Christmas from my dad and I’m having the same problem.

  9. Some things you should never do,and one those things is (seeing is not always what you get) try using your smarts and not your wants or must have.

  10. TV offer said buy 1 get 1 free; they tried to DOUBLE charge my credit card (credit card didn’t authorize due to suspected fraud)! Just came off the phone with JONATHAN, 2nd shift supervisor @888-811-2933, badge #566 who basically called me a liar!

    DO NOT trust this company! I have so far read of over 150 instances online of attempted or successful double charging of credit cards by this company (and that is after only 20 minutes of online searching)!

  11. I EVENTUALLY received mine…weeks and weeks after the order. Also when ordering online I specifically asked for one…and the site ignored that and charged me for two!

    I plugged it in and it is easy to use but when I unplugged it my laptop went berserk and wouldn’t type the letters I was pressing on the laptop keyboard. It would alternate between numbers and letters. I had to restore my system to an earlier date to get it working again…will NOT be plugging the new keyboard in again until I know if that is what caused the problem!!!

  12. I ordered the EZ Eyes keyboard about 6 1/2 weeks ago and I called them at the six week point to see what was going on. They replied that they were back-ordered and would arrive in about 2 1/2 weeks. I’m not holding my breath. I would cancel, but I don’t want to lose the shipping and handling charges. In my opinion, this company is probably operated off somebody’s kitchen table. They are totally incompetent and don’t even bother to let their customers know when orders are delayed. This is absolutely the last time I ever order some goofy thing I saw on TV.

    • 1-888-811-2933 but the number is always saying the circuit is busy. They tried to charge me and I never even finished the order and charge me more than what they said. You want to be wary. I had to cancel my card because their business practices seem kind of shady to me. If you haven;t already been charge you might want to do the same.

  13. Has anyone had any problems with this site, been waiting a long time for my order. Received order no. But that is it.

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