EZ Eyes Keyboard Review

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How many times have you by mistake pressed the wrong key on the keyboard because it is not quite visible? Chances are that you might have even lost a password by setting it up using the wrong keyword which wasn’t in your mind. You can blame your keyboard for the problem since the standard set of keyboards actually come with a black background and tiny alphabet names written over them which are hard to recognize and make out the meaning of the same. This frustration can be a regular thing especially the aged people. For convenient typing an amazing keyboard has been launched – known as EZ Eyes Keyboard.


EZ Eyes Keyboard
EZ Eyes Keyboard is innovative large print keyboard the keys of which are easy on the eye and help solve the errors occurring during typing struggles. This keyboard is one of the best in terms of quality and type of performance in comparison with any other regular keyboard in the market. The ergonomic design and soft to touch keys are easy to use and contain the same 104 standard buttons according to the industry standard. But the actual secret of EZ Eyes Keyboard’s success is its high contrast colors and the oversized print which apparently is 4 times larger than an ordinary keyboard print. One of the versions of EZ Eyes Keyboard even has the property of glowing in the dark for people working in no or low light conditions.

EZ Eyes Keyboard is so flexible that it can be connected successfully either to a MAC or a PC without the need of any complex installation procedure. The easy to plug and play feature ensures ease in the use of this keyboard even with a mini laptop and it serves as the perfect keyboard for children and elder people in the family. Another exciting feature of EZ Eyes Keyboard is that it is completely spill proof and does not break down due to such a reason.

EZ Eyes Keyboard is the cheapest and best keyboard one ever will have and is clubbed with a free Ergonomic mouse. But for a limited time offer the purchase will get a bonus offer of doubling the entire purchase.



What do I get?

  • 2 EZ Eyes Keyboards
  • 2 Ergonomic Mouse

All this for just $19.95 CDN + $15.90 CDN. Official website www.EZEyes.ca



EZ Eyes Keyboard Video


8 thoughts on “EZ Eyes Keyboard Review

  1. I have seen this product get a little bit of liquid on it not once but twice and it instantly quit working. I have seen two of them quit working the moment they get wet. Do not buy this if you’re looking for a computer to have around children or if you’re a little clumsy.

    It is great to have when you can’t see the keys on a normal keyboard, but it isn’t worth the money spent, especially if you’re looking for a keyboard that is “spill-proof”

  2. I like the EZ Eyes keyboard because it is easy to read, and the key are more durable than the keys on my laptop. On the other hand, the silk screening for the keys is weak and the letters start to fade fast. Therefore, I suggest that users should apply a few coats of clear nail top coat to the keys to protect the letters.

  3. Some of the keys don’t even work! And I got this for Christmas from Walmart where it was on sell. And try to take it back they won’t take it!!

  4. When I saw EZ Eyes Keyboard advertisement it looked like a fantastic buy but I wanted to be sure about the product. So I searched for reviews over the internet by people who might have used the product before and how was their experience with the same. The moment I typed “EZ Eyes Keyboard Reviews” in the search engine I checked a couple of websites that were listed in the search engine. I came across some sites which gave such amazing and fantastic reviews about the product and how good it is. I realized soon enough that these websites were by the manufacturer probably since it had an option to purchase the product right away. Some even had annoying pop-ups which led to the product marketing website. Thankfully I landed up on this website, simple and genuine in nature. I appreciate the effort taken to keep it that way.

    • Websites which carry such fantastic reviews and a manufacturer’s link are marketing strategies to fool the customers into buying even the crappiest of products. Such black hat SEO tricks are undetectable by any type of search engines since they lack the intelligence of distinguishing between a fake and a genuine review site. Sadly nothing can be done regarding such an exploitation of a loophole in technology. This website keeps genuine reviews untouched and is glad to share real people experiences for the benefits of interested customers.

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