Eyesee Mobile Projector

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What is Eyesee Mobile Projector

It is a projector for iPhone Mini and iPhone 4S that claims to be of great help for sales people, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Eyesee Mobile Projector promises to help you get over the inconvenience of the bulky projectors that you need to carry with you to make presentations. If you are into sales or an entrepreneur who wants to showcase his products, you want to make an impression with your presentation. And now you can do that by simply using Eyesee Mobile Projector, according to its claims.

Eyesee Mobile Projector makes the most of solid technology

Eyesee Mobile Projector is powered by Texas Instruments DLP technology, which is compatible with iPhone Mini and iPhone 4S phones. Now you can project any of the videos and pictures that have been downloaded on your phone onto a screen or a solid surface for that matter. Eyesee Mobile Projector maintains that it has two manual controls for your convenience. You can manage the volume of the built-in speakers with one and the clarity of images with the other, to make a stunning presentation.

Eyesee Mobile Projector is meant for your convenience

If you are an entrepreneur or a travelling professional, carrying projectors or organizing them wherever you might be is a tough ask. Eyesee Mobile Projector offers you a portable solution that can be taken with you wherever you go. You will also found the velvet carry pouch a sleek and safe option to carry your projector with you. Eyesee Mobile Projector adds to the convenience thanks to its USB charging cable and that means you can charge it with your PC or any other external power source. Importantly, the internal battery on the projector serves as charger on the go for your phone too.


Eyesee Mobile Projector comes from a reputed name

Eyesee Mobile Projector has Total Rep as its parent company and it’s been in the distributor to consumer market for more than 5 years. And now they have brought out a projector that claims to be the answer to your needs.

What do i get?

You get one unit of Eyesee Mobile Projector for $149.95.Official web site eyeseepresenter.biz


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