Egg Beats Speakers Reviews and Complaints

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For many of us, our iPhones have become our lifelines and we just can’t do without them. We rely on them for our communication needs at the same time they are a source of entertainment for us. If you like to listen to music or watch movies on your iPhone like many of us do then you understand the importance of crystal clear sound quality, which makes for a brilliant viewing and listening experience for you. And that’s why you will find, Egg Beats, self powered silicone speakers absolutely indispensable.


Egg Beats Silicone Speakers

These speakers are perfect for use with your iPhone and have many advantages for you. To begin with these speakers are known to dramatically improve the volume and clarity of the sound. Hence now when you are listening to your favourite music or watching a movie, you will get the complete experience as you’d like to. Moreover these speakers are extremely easy to use and they do not require any batteries or wires to function at their optimum. Thus you will be spared the trouble of installation hassles that other regular speakers put you through.

Another advantage of using these speakers is that they don’t have to be recharged as they power themselves on their own. Thus you are always ready to create a perfect listening experience for yourself with the help of these speakers. Moreover they help you transform your iPhone into a speaker phone so that you can speak hands free. These speakers can stand vertically or horizontally based on your convenience. Available in four funky colours; blue, green, orange and pink, these cool speakers will also add to your style quotient as you take them around with you wherever you go.



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20 thoughts on “Egg Beats Speakers Reviews and Complaints

  1. I bought Egg beats speaker and honestly outside of having to take phone off its case its a pretty cool gadget. Not delicate like other bluetooth speakers so ok to just throw in my pocket ball or beach bag. No batteries ever. It does magnify the volume so for the price you cant beat it. Most stores carry them now so i would think easy to return if u dont like it. Cant expect high quality for a low priced item but it serves its function.

  2. I bought my egg beats at rite aid for $4.99. Tried it out with my iphone 5 and it sounds good.It’s a pain though taking off the case for every use. I also tried my iPod touch and it works good too. I broke a nail taking my case off 🙁

  3. Simply put, this Egg Beats Silicone Speaker is an acoustic sound amplifier, working in both directions (output/input), providing the same effect as cupping your hand over the speaker. It is a simple and elegant design that doubles as a stand. 10 bucks at Walmart. What’s not to like?? It works with my slim case just fine as the silicone material stretches.

  4. Be careful buying these Egg Beats Speakers. A company called QRI called me to thank me for the purchase then told me I am getting $100 in gas vouchers. I asked if anything would go on my card and they said $1 and I can cancel at any time. What?!?! This makes me nervous as now they have my CC#. I told them DO NOT send the vouchers and DO NOT charge me $1. Beware!

  5. Egg Beats are useless. Your iPhone must be out of its case to use. Even when you take it out of the case and place into the Egg Beat product I do not notice much difference in the sound quality or volume. Honestly, I’ve gotten a much louder sound by placing my phone in a drinking glass or cereal bowl. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON EGG BEATS!!!! Then in order to return the product you cannot get the processing and handling fee back and you have to pay for the return shipping back. I purchased the 2 for 1 deal for $19.98 and it will cost me at least $5 to ship the stupid things back so basically I will get $5 back on these useless pieces of plastic. Hope this review helps others from making the same mistake I did.

  6. These Egg Beats Silicone Speakers are wonderful! the sound amplifies perfectly. My son doesn’t have a blue tooth so he can set phone in it and turn speaker on if in car. We watched a video clip, good sound and we could all see it setting on Eggbeat.

    Egg Beat Complaint– fits iPhone 4 & 4s perfectly but NOT with the case UGH. No one wants to keep taking case off.

  7. DO NOT PURCHASE. No delivery. Customer service # on website is a recording. Order tracker on website inoperable.

  8. Quick to acknowledge the order however no delivery. Website provides 877 # but recorded message only. Order tracker is inoperable. BUYER BEWARE.

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