Dynamic Virtual Viewer Review

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What is Dynamic Virtual Viewer?

Dynamic Virtual Viewer is a virtual reality headset designed to give you a 360 degree reality viewing experience that is simply incredible. This amazing headset is the one that you can actually afford to get.

With just your smart phone and the Dynamic Virtual Viewer you will get an experience you will never forget!

Dynamic Virtual Viewer works almost any smart phone and lets you view more than a thousand VR apps. You can use the Dynamic Virtual Viewer to watch 3D movies, Play 3D Video Games, and more! It is the most interactive way to play VR video games. You are guaranteed to love the viewing experience with the Dynamic Virtual Viewer.



Dynamic Virtual Viewer is comfortable, lightweight and completely wireless. It features HD dual focus lenses, a cushion fit eye rest, comfort stretch head strap and lock-in smart phone holder.

Dynamic Virtual Viewer is a must have for an amazing 360 degree virtual reality viewing experience.

Order the Dynamic Virtual Viewer today and experience an amazing 360 degree virtual reality viewing experience!


What do I get?
You will receive Dynamic Virtual Viewer for $29.99
Official website: dynamicviewer.com

11 thoughts on “Dynamic Virtual Viewer Review

  1. Got for xmas and played some kid game that all i had to do is look in a specific direction to proceed to next level. It was entertaining for 2 minutes. I downloaded other VR app to assist with playing games with more involvement and none of the games are playable and code on side of headset cannot be read so nothing really works. I think it is just to look around in 360 degrees lol. Apparently you need a controller and only way to purchase is to buy with headset unit. I think it could be decent if games were compatible and came with a controller for games.

  2. I bought the product from a target store and it was bought as is I was not told it’s non returnable but any how the product does not work how do I get a refund

  3. Stop reacting to a lack of information! It’s just a holder for a smartphone that has lenses in it so your eyes can focus on the phone screen. Lots of VR apps are available. It’s $25 at shopko, around that price at some other stores. You could pay almost that much for cardboard VR goggles sold by Google.

  4. I received mine,paid $40 jus to play 2 games on which werent compatible with this viewer. I waisted my time and money on this crap,im getting a refund.

  5. I just seen the commercial for this on spike. I thought it was pretty cool was considering ordering it, but like anything I spend my money on I researched it first this is the only website that has any reviews on it. Even their official site has no reviews. Im sorry to say to you guys but I think you got scammed I would call your credit card company and dispute the charges on your card. When something looks really cool woth a very cheap price do your homework first. I know its a old saying, but when something looks to good to be true. You know the rest!

  6. I ordered one almost 2 weeks ago I have not received it I even paid for Rush delivery I have not been able to get through their 18 77330 5107 phone number or email so concerned I’ve been scam I can’t reach anyone please help I went through the official website after seeing it on TV

    • Sarah, I went to the site and tried to order one. While trying to check out, it asked if I wanted to add e controller for an extra $10, so I added it. Then it asked if I wanted to add the headphones and a few other items for an extra $20, I had accidentally clicked ‘add’. When I went to the ‘cart’, I noticed it had added it but didn’t give the option to cancel it, so I got out of it. Keep in mind that at this point, I had already put in my credit card number. A few days later my husband asked if I had ordered it because it showed up on our credit card, I had never even submitted the order!!! Tried to call the number on the website and TV, not working!!! It charged my card $66!!! I’m so mad I will be making a call to the Better Business Bureau to see if I can report them!!!

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