dualBEATS Review

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What is dualBEATS

According to the infomercial, these are high-fidelity headphones that claim to have foam padding in the inside that shuts the ambient noise out and gives you high definition audio. On the outside, they proclaim to turn into speakers with push of a button.


Hear sound in its purest form

dualBEATS convince to be headphones that are a revolution in the world of sound. dualBEATS state that they can be used as headphones as well as speakers. When you want to enjoy your favorite show but have too much noise around, dualBEATS asserts that you can wear the headphones and tune in peacefully. dualBEATS assures that with its foam padding in the inside, it blocks out all the ambient sound. dualBEATS convinces that even if you have kids playing around or someone playing music, it will shut all the sound out. On your dualBEATS headphones you will allegedly only hear the sound of the show you are watching. dualBEATS states that it won’t let the sound escape from your headphones either. dualBEATS promise to give you high-fidelity sound exactly like it is meant to be enjoyed. dualBEATS maintain that even if you’re using a vacuum cleaner, you’ll only hear the music and not the noise of a loud vacuum. Thus, dualBEATS declares that you will hear music in its purest form, the way an artiste created.


Headphones and speakers rolled into one

dualBEATS alleges that with just a push of a button on the side of the headphones, it can transform into a set of state-of-the-art speakers. The sound quality of dualBEATS is claimed to be intense. dualBEATS asserts to have built-in amplifier that can let you turn your private party into a public one. dualBEATS guarantees that you can transform from solo to a social player in seconds by just pushing a button. dualBEATS promises that in spite of being a pair of headphones it will sound like a stereo to make you the heart of the party with the music. dualBEATS proclaims that you can now take the sound with you wherever you go. dualBEATS convinces to be so versatile that it will let you hear the music by yourself if you so wish or make everyone else be part of the party too so that you can share the music.

Rechargeable batteries

To give you hours and hours of entertainment and music, dualBEATS maintains that the sound is super charged with powerful lithium ion batteries. dualBEATS states that it is rechargeable with a regular USB cord and a PC or even a wall charger. A single charge of dualBEATS is assured to last for hours of play time. The on-board volume control of dualBEATS allegedly allows you to watch TV without disturbing someone else in the room because the sound won’t pour out. Or, you are also asserted to use dualBEATS to share a presentation or a lesson with your peers. dualBEATS state to be lightweight and portable and they fold easily for carrying wherever you please including travels.

What do I get?

You will get dualBEATS for $39.99 plus $14.95 P&H.Official website dualbeats.com


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