Digi-Tech converter Review

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Memories captured on video and photographs are the best way of walking down the memory lane. And that is why most of us can benefit from Digi-Tech converter to make them last a lifetime.

How does Digi-Tech converter Work

Handy cams are a very convenient way of recording events in today’s time but the hassle is to convert that particular tape into a DVD or onto a hard drive for permanent storage. Also old memories like weddings, birthdays, etc which are on VHS can, over the period of time, get corrupted due to heat and moisture. The best thing to do is to convert everything for a convenient storage on the computer. Digi-Tech converter does exactly the desired with the benefit of being right at home.

Digi-Tech converter is a one touch device that has the ability to convert any tape to DVD or a file on the computer without going through the regular ways of doing so. Traditionally one would need to hire a professional to convert their tapes into DVDs but the process is a costly affair and can be minimized with Digi-Tech converter. The basic transfer mechanism is quite easy since it is quite handy and easy to connect to the back of a VCR or onto a handy cam with its interface connecting cables. The other end of the device is connected to the computer to download the content through Digi-Tech converter. The process begins and stops with the one touch button that is available on the device for an easy conversion.

Digi-Tech converter has LEDs displaying the functioning that is taking place so that the user knows about it. Also it is perfect in converting any VHS tape, Digital 8, Mini DV tapes and many more media onto a DVD. The benefit of doing it using Digi-Tech converter is the money saved in conversion and the assurance that the media is safe in the computer. Additionally, these tapes take a lot of storage space and by converting them via Digi-Tech converter can help to clear off that space since a DVD can contain a large amount of data onto it.




What do I get?

  • 2 Digi-Tech converter
  • 10 Blank DVDs

All this for $19.95 + $15.90 P&H official website getdigitech.com



Digi-Tech converter Video

4 thoughts on “Digi-Tech converter Review

  1. I am waiting in my Digi-tech Convertor order and have been for 2 weeks now. It does not not cost an extra 7.95 to ship two of these things. I’m not that stupid, but wanted one bad enough to pay it. Who are they kidding. You are not getting two for the price of one.

  2. If you are interested in the buy one, get one free “offer” (for 2nd P+H charge of $7.95), you may be fine with ordering from this company. But otherwise, they use false advertising suggesting you can purchase one transfer cable for $19.95 + 7.95 P+H ($27.90 total), but will force you to pay the additional $7.95 no matter what you request. Operators claim that the buy one, get one is the ONLY way they sell them – but it is most certainly not advertised that way WHATSOEVER. I will not do business with a company that is so dishonest. Buyer Beware!

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