DataJack Review

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What is DataJack – DataJack is the 3G Nationwide Mobile Broadband. You get high speed internet service anywhere you travel with average download speeds of 600 kbps to 1.7 Mbps. That is almost two and half times faster than most DSL connections.


How does DataJack work?
If you are the kind of person who loves playing with different applications, download music, watch videos, check movie times, browse the web, and more on the internet, then 3G is your answer.

DataJack Features:

  • No Contracts
  • No Credit Check
  • No Deposits
  • No Early Termination Fees
  • Wide Coverage Area
  • Fast & Reliable Service

Take your internet with you wherever you go, so you have it whenever you need it.

The DataJack is provides high speed internet access across the nation. It works on any PC or MAC computer and can be used to store music, videos and backup files.

Compatibility – The DataJack is a plug and play device for most PCs and MAC computers. This means that the DataJack installs itself when connected to a computer for the first time. It is designed to work on any PC, MAC or Linux computer that has a USB connection.

DataJack Mobile Broadband Hotspot

If you have been looking for a product that can help you connect several devices with Wi-Fi enabled services then you have just found one in the form of DataJack Mobile Broadband Hotspot. One of the highlights of this product is that you can use it for several devices, from Tablets to iPads etc. You can use this product with your printer at home or for gaming and with your Smartphones, which helps you make the most of all these devices while you are at home or on the go.

Getting high speed Internet coverage at affordable prices, like millions all over the world already have is easy with the help of this product. Another startling fact about the product is that it doesn’t require you to sign any contract and there are many reasonably priced plans available for you. Some of these plans start at $9.99 while you get connectivity all over the country. You can work with your PC or Mac on the go and connect up to 5 devices with it. You will also be pleased to note that there are no hidden contracts with this product that doesn’t require any credit checks either.

What do I get?
You can get DataJack Mobile Broadband Hotspot for $89.99 at

Review DataJack Mobile Broadband Hotspot
Did this product work as it claims?
Does it connect up to 5 devices?
Does it have one-touch connectivity?
Is it easy to use?
Is it reasonably priced?

DataJack Mobile USB Modem

How often have you struggled to connect your devices and surf or check your mails at high speeds just as you’d like to? But now you have a way out in the form of DataJack Mobile USB Modem, which is a plug and play USB device that will help you connect and enjoy broadband speeds. In fact it is 3G mobile broadband access on the go for users, which is what makes this product truly special. The power is now with you wherever you go as you check your emails, browse, download files and a lot more at broadband speeds.

With the help of this product you can get Nationwide access to Internet and that too without signing up for any contract. This product is also known for the flexibility it offers you because you can choose the data plan for months that you want to use it in. During this period you get 5 GB per month data and there are no termination fees or any sort of contract involved. You can also insert a memory card into the device to store your files while you can play music with it by plugging into the computer too.

What do I get?
You can buy DataJack Mobile USB Modem for $69.99 at

Review DataJack Mobile USB Modem
Did it work according to expectations?
Does it let you surf at broadband speeds?
Does it let you store files on it?
Are there any hidden costs?
Is it convenient?



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • USB Connector – USB form factor plugs into laptops and desktops with a Type A USB port.
  • Service Status Indicator (LED) – Service status LED indicator that shows you service and data modes.
  • External Antenna Connector – Connect an optional external antenna to the MC760 Modem for improved performance in fringe areas.
  • Micro-SD Slot – Utilize high-capacity removable memory storage up to 32 GB with a microSD card (sold separately).
  • High-speed data (up to 1.7 mbps) access to email, the web and more

Only $49.99 per month. DataJack USB Modem: $69.99



Reviews and Complaints
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  1. Has anyone tried the DataJack 3G Internet, is it any good?

    Is the internet really fast?

    Are there any hidden fees?

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