Daisy Sensor Review

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What is Daisy Sensor?

As described in the infomercial, Daisy Sensor is a sensor and smartphone app that allows you to take better care of your plants by measuring their soil moisture, temperature and light throughout the day. It has no switches, buttons or wires. One has to just insert it in the soil and the Daisy Sensor will do the rest. It even sets a reminder to your smartphone or tablet, via the Daisy Sensor app as to when your plants need water. In simple words, the Daisy Sensor is like your own personal gardener that lets the plants communicate their needs so as to stay in optimum health. So far there are no Daisy Sensor reviews to help us affirm the authenticity of these claims. It would be great if you could share your experience in a Daisy Sensor review.

How does Daisy Sensor work?

With Global Warming becoming more of a present reality than prediction, it is crucial for all of us to do our part in the fight. More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers lurking and hence slowly but surely moving towards the Green Revolution. As the adage goes, Charity begins at home, we should start by looking after the plants in our immediate surroundings. Daisy Sensor claims to be our aid in this noble mission. It is the answer for those of us who are totally in love with our plants, and for those who wish they loved plants but have met with disappointment with a disastrous track record with pants.

As demonstrated in the video, Daisy Sensor is more than just a reminder of when to water your plants. It can help you learn about your plants as well, so that you are watering them when they need it, and learning when they need watering at the same time. Daisy Sensor can send notifications to your phone or table to let you know that a plant needs watering or is otherwise stressed. How accurate this information is can be verified only when we browse through a couple of Daisy Sensor reviews.

Daisy Sensor maintains that it requires no user input as it contains no on and off switch, no buttons no wires. All one has to do is insert Daisy into the plant soil, one sensor per plant, download the companion app and get feedback directly from your plant about soil moisture, temperature, and light conditions. It allows you to personalize the data by photographing and naming your plants. Even get simplified care instructions from the built-in plant wiki. To top it all each plant entry comes with its own wiki-entry full of photos and growth statistics. Whether the plant is inside or outside, the Daisy Sensor will help you make sure your beautiful plants stay healthy, happy and vibrant. The whole family including parents and kids will enjoy caring for the plants and learning in the process. Sounds too good to be true right? Let’s wait for Daisy Sensor reviews to expose the truth.

What do I get?

You get Daisy Sensor and Daisy soil Sensor for $19.95 Plus $4.95 P&H.Official website buydaisysensor.com

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