Cross X2 Headphones Review

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About Cross X2 Headphones

Cross X2 Headphones states to be a 2-1in-1 HD headphones that turns into speakers to let you crank up music at just the press of a button. Cross X2 Headphones claims to be great for everything from smart phones, tablets, computers or even play independently. Cross X2 Headphones maintain to have a built-in microphone to let you answer calls and foldable swivel design to make it more convenient for use.

How does it work

Cross X2 Headphones has a crossover feature that lets you play HD music on headphones and when you switch a button, it turns into speakers. Cross X2 Headphones guarantees to give you crisp, powerful and HD sound whether on headphones or on speaker mode. With this, Cross X2 Headphones lets you enjoy music privately or share it with friends too.

Headphones and speaker in one system

You want to share the cool music that you are tuned into but your headphones can only let one person listen in or if you have earphones then listening with just one ear. And that is never any fun. But Cross X2 Headphones convinces that now you can enjoy the music with your friends even with headphones. Cross X2 Headphones proclaims to let you crank up the music and turn private listening into party rocking no matter where you are. Cross X2 Headphones declares that you can use it to entertain guests at home, at a party, on the beach, or even when out camping. Cross X2 Headphones assures to let you do that with just the push of a button and cross over from headphones to speakers.

Works with practically all devices

Whether you want to use them with smart phones, computers, tablet, mp3 players or even video games, Cross X2 Headphones assert to be compatible with them all. The cushioned ear pads of Cross X2 Headphones emphasize to be comfortable to wear even for longer hours while you travel or then crossover to speakers when you get to your hotel room. You are also assured to answer calls with clarity with its built-in mic. Cross X2 Headphones charges with USB so you can easily keep them charged for hours of use.

Carry music system in your bag

You no longer need big amps or speakers to carry your music. Cross X2 Headphones features a foldable and swivel design that makes it easy to be stored and carried. So if you need music for an imprompty party at a pit stop, Cross X2 Headphones will make sure that you don’t miss having speakers. The headphones promise to come in exciting colors like black, white, red, and blue. You can keep the headphones securely in its soft case shell.

What do I get?

You get Cross X2 Headphones for £49.98 + £6.99 p&p.Official website

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