CordKhoi Review

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What is CordKhoi

It is a cover for your headphones that promises to store them tangle free and without any mess. CordKhoi stresses that it’s the perfect solution for you to ensure that your headphones are not tangled up every time you want to use them. There are many of us who like to listen to music while we are on the go while others would want to watch their favorite movies and shows on their mobile devices.

It could be that you want to get on a call at work and need to use your headphones for it. But the problem is that you get them out of your bag and they are always a tangled up mess. It’s annoying to get them untangled and you end up wasting a lot of your time in the process as well. That’s where CordKhoi come into the picture, offering you respite, according to its claims.


CordKhoi offer an easy solution
CordKhoi asserts that you can now easily access your headphones without any tangles, which will save you a lot of time and irritation on a regular basis. To make the most out of it you simply feed the ear buds through CordKhoi and pull the jack through the other side. It’s so simple that just about anyone can do it. Your headphones will be tucked away nicely and when you need to use them, all you have to do is just pull them right out. They will come out without being tangled up.


CordKhoi offer protection to your headphones
Many of us often just slip our headphones into our pockets or bags, which can get them damaged over a period of time. There is a certain amount of wear and tear involved as well, which can now be avoided with CordKhoi. That’s because it emphasizes that once you are done using the headphones, they contract right back in to be neatly protected. Now you can put them in your bag or pocket for that matter and make sure that they are protected the way they should be and you are saved frequent costs of buying them.


CordKhoi is versatile for your needs
CordKhoi maintains that you can use it with practically any kind of ear buds, headphones or portable electronic cords. Thus you will have a one stop solution for all your needs and your headphones will stay in good shape so that you can make the most out of them. You will also not have any problems when carrying CordKhoi because it fits easily with your phone. Its assembly is really straightforward, which is an added advantage. You can get it in three cool colours; red, pink and black.


What do I get?
4 CordKhois in your choice of color (Pink, Red, Black) for $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website:


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