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Are your priceless videotapes of those adorable first moments wearing out in the basement or attic? You could lose those precious family memories to dust, water, heat, and pests forever. Well, now there is a fast new way to preserve all your family’s precious memories permanently.Convert A Classic from Emerson is the fastest and easiest way to convert your favorite memories on old VHS tapes to digital files that you can store on your computer.


Convert A Classic
Convert A Classic is convenient, simple, and so easy to use. Simply install the easy to use software, connect one end of the cable to the back of your VCR or video camcorder and the other end to your computer, then press to start and press to stop when you finish. It copies and burns your files instantly.

Convert A Classic works with all tape formats, whether it is VHS, digital 8, mini DV, and more. It works with audio tapes too.

Use the Convert A Classic to convert home movies of birthday parties, weddings, ball games, wedding anniversaries, vacations, and any other special occasion.

If you want to share those special memories with your family and friend simply burn a CD or DVD for them, any time you want. You can even download it to your latest gadget. It is also ideal for posting on a video-sharing site.

Convert-A-Classic comes in a MAC and a PC version. The MAC version will not convert audio cassettes, only VHS audio and video. The PC version converts both audio cassettes and VHS.

You can even edit a family video to share with someone special. The software lets you convert everything on the other end into a high-quality digital video file.

So you can now get rid of your old tapes stored in boxes and drawers and try the Convert A Classic to convert your videotapes to one DVD and preserve your memories forever.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
• Convert-A-Classic Converter by Emerson
• 10 Blank DVDs
Other professional video transfers could cost you hundreds of dollars but with the Convert A Classic you can do it yourself. Its now available for the low rice of just $19.95 plus P&H and you also get10 Blank DVDs at no additional cost.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Convert A Classic Video


11 thoughts on “Convert A Classic Review

  1. Tried to use convert a classic multiple times with no luck… It lights up but the screen is blank even though everything is hooked up correctly. The instructions are useless, unless you run out of toilet paper.

  2. Bought this in November 2011 and it did take a long time to arrive. I just tried it yesterday and it does NOT work as it will not even light up. No tech support. Wasted money. I do not recommend this product

  3. I have bought this one and cannot get back to them. I want to ask them a question regarding my convert a classic. I paid for it but I want to contact them…HELP

  4. I ordered Convert a Classic months ago. I just received an email stating my credit card was declined and if I wanted to re-instate my order I had to call 1-866-770-8767 Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

    My credit card is fine so I’m not sure what they are talking about.

    Good Luck everyone

  5. I ordered Convert a Classic 2 months ago and haven’t received it as of Nov 11/11. I can’t find a phone number to reach this company. The order status is in progress and the charge is already on my credit card. Did anyone ever receive their order?

  6. I ordered a convert a classic for a PC on September 12/11. I haven’t received it yet. Order status shows “In Progress”. Is there a phone number that can be called?

    • My order went in on September 19th, 2011 and I haven’t seen anything yet, nor can I find the site on the Internet to get any contact information. Please advise if you have found out anything.


  7. I am trying to get a phone number for Convert-A-Classic. I ordered over 2 weeks ago and since I placed my order the website has been down. I need to get a number if you have any information please email back.


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