Co-z Cushion Lap Caddy Review

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Working long hours on gadgets like tablets, e-readers or ipads is extremely stressful. Besides, though they are sleek and handy, handling them can be quite a task, but not if you have Co-z Cushion lap caddy. Co-z Cushion lap caddy is a new and comfortable way to view tablets, e-readers, ipads, books and other things anywhere and is the easiest base to rest your gadgets on and use them minus all the problems you’ve always faced. Stop depending on your stomach and legs or even pillows and other things to rest your gadgets on and risking them tumbling down. Make a smart choice and switch over to this amazing lap caddy!


Co-z Cushion Lap Caddy
Co-z Cushion gets your screen or pages of your gadget at the right position and at correct angles for perfect viewing and also relieves you of all the discomfort. It’s a versatile positioning lap caddy with a unique double triangular design that offers amazing flexibility for you to change its position in a hundred different places! It gives you perfect angles and positions since you can fold it in a number of ways depending on where you use it.

When you fold the sections out to the extended position it becomes perfect to be used on the floor, lounge chair or simply while lying in bed. If you place it on your legs, you’ll have a perfect viewing angle conducive to that position too. You can also use it extended out to keep your keyboard on. When you fold the Co-z Cushion section back together, you can further use it as a compact lap caddy perfectly sized for lap, couched arm and more. It’s even perfect to rest the good old magazines and books on and read them comfortably too!

What’s more, the design of Co-z Cushion also protects your gadgets from slipping and falling down. It even has on it a soft foam center wrapped in a smooth 100% cotton removable cover that can be washed easily. It acts as the perfect base to carry out all the important activities on your gadget, so why not acquire it right away? Order for one Co-Z Cushion lap caddy for just $14.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling and get another Co-Z Cushion lap caddy free by paying a separate $7.95 as processing and handling and avail of the 30-day money back guarantee too!



What do I get?
2 Co-Z Cushion lap caddies for just $14.95 + $15.90 s/h. Official website

Customer Service
Phone: 1-866-783-8242



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5 thoughts on “Co-z Cushion Lap Caddy Review

  1. I am feeling nervous about this Co-z Cushion, tried ordering it twice, I get an e mail back say, card will not be charged and because of lack of demand, that I cannot have it. YET they advertise it on TV to this day, and their website still tries to sell. Wish someone would look into this.

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