Clip Shot Camera Review

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Have you ever missed taking pictures of candid moments like your baby’s first step, a funny spontaneous event, a surprise birthday party or simply a beautiful scene while taking a walk? How often has the idea of not picking up your camera along beat you? The logical reason is because the cameras are not so handy to carry along wherever you go. But what if there was a solution to it? Yes there is, it is known as Clip Shot Camera.


Clip Shot Camera
Unlike regular cameras that are quite bulky to carry along each day Clip Shot Camera is the latest invention which is so small it literally fits in your palm. Clip Shot Camera comes with carabineer clip to hang it from your belt loop, jackets, purses or backpacks. So whether it is a long vacation or just a quick walk to downtown, it can be carried around very easily.

This portable camera is small in size but quite impressive in terms of its features. It offers 8 mega pixel quality pictures to be taken. 8 mega pixels is a standard digital camera standard and serves much better than those handy mobile phone cameras which can only provide around measly 1.3 mega pixel images. Clip Shot Camera holds an amazing number of 300 pictures count at one time. Backed by a full color viewer, this point and shoot fully automatic camera is undoubtedly easiest to use by people of all ages.

Powered by a quick charge built-in lithium ion battery pack, transferring images from Clip Shot Camera requires a simple USB cable connection provided along to your mac or pc.

For a limited time offer, Clip Shot Camera is upgraded to a Clip Shot Pro Camera which is bundled with a high quality video recording feature for up to 30 minutes record time with a one plus one offer. So just start clicking images in no time and do not miss out on any moment.



What do I get?
Get 2 Clip Shot Cameras and 2 USB Cables for just $19.99 + $11.98 shipping and handling. Official website



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